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General Information

Available on:PCMay 22, 2020
PlayStation 4May 22, 2020
Xbox OneMay 22, 2020
Nintendo SwitchMay 22, 2020
Oculus RiftMay 22, 2020

Developer: Team Junkfish

Publisher: Junkfish Limited

Genres: Roguelike, Horror, Adventure

Monstrum takes the traditional survival horror formula and remixes it completely with procedurally generated levels, permadeath, and AI driven predators, ensuring that nowhere on its derelict cargo ship is ever truly safe. Offering up a challenge to even the hardiest of gamers, Monstrum will force you to use your wits and whatever tools you can find to outrun or outsmart your pursuer. Attempt to escape from an environment that is out to kill you while evading the lurking terror that could be around any corner. Can you survive Monstrum? Three Unique Monsters Face one of three monster types each play-through, each one with different behaviours and tactics. Can you work your way out of an ambush or escape a direct attack? And will the same actions work every time? Procedural Arena Prepare for a different gameplay environment each time you play as the ship's interior shifts shape with every run, changing the location of items along the way. Escape Routes Discover different methods of escape and delve into the bowels of the ship to recover items you need to repair them. Opportunities and Hazards Use whatever you can find to try and outwit the monster. Hide in lockers or under furniture. Use distractions to attract the monster to you, or, perhaps more wisely, to where you've just been, but be careful not to run too fast lest you fall into one of the ships numerous traps along the way. Permadeath Death is permanent. Get killed in Monstrum and you'll be starting again. In a different ship, probably against a different monster. Good luck. Start running.

Monstrum Reviews

Terrifying visuals are undermined by choppy controls and a frustrating use of procedurally generated levels. Monstrum could have been a terrifying horror experience, instead it became a boring one.

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Monstrum is a survival horror in which we must escape from a huge ship at all costs to get out alive, technically it is somewhat lazy and its playable idea does not bring anything new to the genre.

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Sadly, Monstrum on the Xbox One is a poor attempt at an interesting concept. The abandoned ship isn’t the most unique setting for a horror game but being pursued by a bloodthirsty monster should provide at least some tension. Instead it is a laborious plod through samey corridors where sometimes being caught by the monster is preferable than having to perform the same objectives over and over again just to escape.

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What Is Monstrum?

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