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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchMay 27, 2020
PCMay 27, 2020
Xbox OneMay 27, 2020
PlayStation 4May 27, 2020

Developer: Ultimate Games

Publisher: Beardy Bird Games

Genres: Action, Arcade

If you’re looking for a story-driven action-packed game with lots of guns, hordes of enemies, super intense game-play with horror ambience and sci-fi movie references, then Ailment is the perfect choice for you. The main character wakes up in a med bay after being unconscious for three days and he sees that all of his crew became enemies. The last thing he remembers is returning from another spaceship where he had a rescue mission. But he arrived everyone on that ship was already dead... He has to remember what happened to him and find out the truth.

Ailment Reviews

Ailment is OK in all departments. It’s a shame the game wasn’t given more attention in bringing it over to Switch by adding a different control scheme and more content. For the price it’s asking for I’d say wait for sale if you fancy a simple brainless space zombie shooty bang bang to enjoy after work with a cup of coffee. Otherwise I think your good to let this one drift into space.

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