Swords and Sandals: Spartacus

Whiskeybarrel Studios, Ultimate Games, eGames.com
Dec 22, 2019 - Nintendo Switch, PC
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Swords and Sandals: Spartacus Media

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Swords and Sandals Official Game Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Swords and Sandals: Spartacus

This title feels like it probably would’ve been right at home being released on the Mega Drive. It feels inherently retro, which is both good and bad. Good, because the graphics work, the gameplay is great fun, and I enjoyed the simple design of just getting to the end of a level and progressing to the next. Just like the old days. However, it also seemed to fail to learn some lessons. Traps were placed in horrible places, leading to cheap one-hit deaths. The platforming felt quite awkward at times, and I also encountered a few bugs where traps got stuck in the environments. Spartacus sometimes started a level moving slowly like a snail (his alter ego: Snailacus), which was only fixed by reloading the save. I was compelled to finish the game, but this port really needs some patching. Swords and Sandals: Spartacus won’t take you to the field of Elysium, but it will undoubtedly still entertain. Something retro fans or those looking for a simple to-the-point action platformer should keep an eye on. While the later half of the game felt disappointing, it’s hard to ignore how much fun I had running around, slashing my sword and screaming “I’m Spartacus!” (no, I’m Spartacus!)*

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