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Terrorarium Media

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Terrorarium - Official Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Terrorarium

Terrorarium borrows heavily from other larger titles, and due to poor execution and lack of polish, never really steps out from those shadows

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Terrorarium is surprisingly challenging quirky fun.

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I'm just a mean green (grand)mother from outer space and I'm bad

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Between some irritating bugs and a sorely lacking checkpoint system, Terrorarium is a real marmite game that you'll either love or hate. The map maker is just enough to save this from being a complete disappointment but beyond that there really isn't a lot here that hasn't been done better elsewhere.

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A basic 3-D puzzler that grows stale despite a relatively short playtime.

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Terrorarium deserves praise for it’s originality but it still feels like a game that needs a little more polish in places. Frustrating level design and awkward mechanics keep this from being something I was able to really enjoy. Hopefully the game will continue to receive patches following its full release. But in its current form I would say to approach this garden with caution.

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Picture an old woman with a love of gardening followed around by cute, chubby mushrooms as her loyal army. Sounds pretty cute, right? Well, in Terrorarium, this granny uses those adorable mushroom creatures, Moogu, as her expendable pawns in alien gardens filled with murderous plants and hazards. Not so cute.

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