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General Information

Available on:PCAug 12, 2020

Developer: Triple.B.Titles

Publisher: Humble Games

Genres: RPG, Strategy

KEY FEATURES Insane Customization: Create your favorite heroes, toss a sphere of annihilation at a politician, or turn your cat into a heavy-ordinance hairball launcher, the only limit is your imagination. Multiple Game Modes: The game includes fast-paced rogue-like runs, multiple story-driven campaigns, and hand-crafted challenges. Endless Content: Many games boast procedural content, but Popup Dungeon’s easy-to-use creation systems allow for inexhaustible handcrafted content. Game Creation: Tie a few nodes together to create your own games; from classic RPG adventures to personality quizzes and interactive fiction, you can do it all -- no programming knowledge necessary! Persistent Gains: Collect charms to power up your party and delve further than before. Gather your strength, craft new weapons and allies, hone your strategy, and take on The Wizard's tower. PREMISE A strange being, referring to itself as “The Wizard,” has issued humanity a challenge in the form of this game. It is accompanied by a letter which reads: To the able minds of Earth,What I am is not important; what I do is important. I challenge beings in contests that play to their greatest strength, and now I’ve come for you. Put down your wearisome weapons, cast off your boorish bodies, and draw humanity’s sharpest blade: creativity. Wield it against mine, if you dare.You will learn that the difference between fact and fiction is the power to decide which is which. This power I freely grant to you, so that you may pit the mightiest heroes, the most powerful legends, or anything else you can wring from that skull-stuffing you call a brain against me. I await you atop my tower. You may lose as often as you’ll tolerate. But worry not, I threaten no violence; however when I win – and I will win – your creativity shall be my trophy. Without it, humanity is surely doomed to a dim end. But no pressure… after all, it’s just a game.- The Wizard ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dungeon Master Mode: Try on The Wizard’s hat, and take control of the dungeon. Flexible Party Size: The dungeon can be challenged with 1 to 5 characters at a time. Sandbox Mode: Choose from a myriad of options to create unique dungeon crawling experiences. Additional Tile Sets: Go beyond the dungeon; explore Star Ships, Haunted Houses, Japanese Villages and Castles, Steampunk Airships, Post-Apocalyptic landscapes, and more... Accessible Game Play: Very easy to play, deviously hard to master. Interactable Props: From Treasure Chests to Vendi-Machines, discover props and secrets that will help shape the course of your crawl. Creation Systems: Not just a modding tool; Popup turns game design into a game. In addition to integrated systems that let you automatically turn your 2D pictures into 3D cutouts, clip and fade sound directly from your videos, and position your favorite pictures on ability cards, everything you create is balanced and incorporated by the AI behind the scenes.

Popup Dungeon Reviews

Popup Dungeon nails the papercraft look, has some endearing and funny writing, and provides an intriguing framework for community-created content. The core of its tabletop-inspired combat system isn't engaging enough to hold it up alone, ultimately leaving it up to whatever community it attracts to decide whether it's worth putting your own paper on the table.

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Popup Dungeon tends to put players' creations in the focus - and it really prospers from that. Without them, it would merely be a mediocre dungeon crawler - nothing spectacular. But with Donatello (yes, from the Ninja Turtles), Donald Trump (yes, the President) and Zarya (yes, from Overwatch) in a team, I just had the biggest fun. Popup Dungeons brings a solid game, great developers tools and all that in a neat package. I hope there'll be a huge community!

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