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Instant Sports Summer Games

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchAug 6, 2020

Developer: Break first

Publisher: Plug in Digital

Genres: Sports, Arcade

Five new sports inspired by the Summer Olympic Games: High Jump, Javelin Throw, Relay Race, Triple Jump and Archery, on top of the six original sports present in the first version of Instant Sports: Hurdles, Tennis, Goal Keeper, Bowling, Rafting and Baseball. Several improvements on the original  activities: New game mode for Goal Keeper, a country flag selection for each player, a more balanced gameplay, easier controls, and more customization! BE THE CHAMPION! - Always fun for all family and friends with an offline multiplayer mode up to 8 players - Motion detection makes it easy to pick-up and play: the “most mainstream” of the Nintendo Switch party games - Huge replayability to beat high scores and unlock loads of customization items

Instant Sports Summer Games Reviews

Instant Sports Summer Games isn't a memorable release, but I respect it for what it tries to (and sometimes does) accomplish. With the Summer Olympic games lost to the pandemic, this Switch exclusive could score with families. Just keep in mind that the motion controls, while quite successful for the most part, will probably have you playing for only a little bit here and there.

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Sports games absolutely have a home on the Switch and there’s a sizeable audience hungry to get off their sofas and enjoy some active games. Graphical limitations can be easily overlooked but controls are essential and sadly Instant Sports Summer Games doesn’t quite hit the mark. What could have been a fun game to enjoy with the family feels more like a mixed assortment of okay and not so. Fun to be had? Sure. But it’s hard to ignore this concept has been done better on older systems.

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