Incoming Fall Guys Patch Is Full of Fan Service

Incoming Fall Guys Patch Is Full of Fan Service

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Fall Guys is still enjoying the spotlight it has received since its launch at the start of August, and an upcoming patch seeks to add some important fixes to the popular party game.

Though the patch isn't ready yet, Mediatonic says it's expected to drop later this week for each of the game's two platforms at launch, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. Chief among the fixes coming in the patch is a re-thinking of how team games are selected in a series of Fall Guys rounds. The patch will make it so team games aren't selected unless teams can be evenly distributed with competitors, leaving no lopsided team sizes.

For spectators playing in a party with others, your surviving party members will now be prioritized when you're cycling through contestants still vying for the coveted crown. For the weirdos, you'll soon be able to invert your controls, in addition to adjusting the sensitivity, though Mediatonic specifies that this is a PS4-only area of attention.

Other fixes include some visual touch-ups to certain unnamed outfits as well as fixes for the five most common game crashes. A few in-game exploits will be patched out too, including the jump glitch that allowed players to avoid the chaos of Jump Showdown, as well as making objects no longer able to be grabbed in Slime Climb.

Collectively, this patch addresses some of the massive fanbase's biggest areas of concern, and as it's meant to arrive within the week, it should be another Fall Guys-focused period ahead. Gamescom will bring a first look at the game's upcoming Season 2.

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