An Item That Makes Fast Travel Easier in Genshin Impact is on the Way

An Item That Makes Fast Travel Easier in Genshin Impact is on the Way

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Fast travel is going to get easier in Genshin Impact.

In a developer discussion, developer muHoYo revealed that fast traveling is going to be improved in Genshin Impact. The developer was asked if players will be able to set their teleport waypoints for areas that they visit frequently. The developer answered that they are developing an item that provides that sort of function which will be available for free in a new system. Players can expect this item to be included in Version 1.1 when it releases next month. The developer discussion and everything that was touched on can be seen here.

Earlier this month muHoYo revealed their roadmap for Genshin Impact's upcoming updates. The first update, Version 1.1, will release on November 11th. Version 1.1 will include the Unreconciled Stars event. Version 1.2 will drop on December 23rd. This update will introduce the Dragonespine area, and the area's related event. The final update planned for Genshin Impact, Version 1.3, will be release in February 2021. This update will add the Lantern Rite event series. 

The developers of Genshin Impact did state that they will do their best in order to make sure an update is released for the game at least every once every six weeks. Each update that is released will release on a Wednesday. It was also stated that every update will come with its own themed activities. MuHoYo has stated that they will combine the unique cultural and calendarial features of in-game regions with dates in the real world to host unique events in Mondstadt and Liyue. 

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices. The game will be released on the Nintendo Switch at a later date. The game has done quite well for itself, as it grossed more than $100 million in its first two weeks, and was the most successful launch for an original IP from a Chinese developer. 

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