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  • Planescape Torment
  • Shining Force 2
  • Landstalker

146 games reviewed
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Co-founder of Jump Dash Roll. I've been gaming since the days of the Amstrad. Huge RPG fan. Planescape: Torment tops my list, but if a game tells a good story, I'm interested. Absolutely not a fanboy of any specific platform - the proof is in the gaming pudding.
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7 / 10 - She Sees Red
Jan 15, 2020

The execution sometimes falls a little short but for a first project you have to commend the effort and vision; the developers are right to view it as an area of untapped potential. Whether or not it’s the future of TV remains to be seen, but we could stand to have a few more experiments of this nature.

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Dec 16, 2019

Unevenly paced and peppered with bugs, Fallen Order demands a lot up front before it reveals its hand. At that point, a thoroughly decent Star Wars adventure unfolds... but patient, you must be.

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Nov 11, 2019

An uneven selection of party titles which, while polished, doesn't have a killer game in its bundle to make it a must-have purchase.

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10 / 10 - Disco Elysium
Oct 24, 2019

Wordy, involving and whip-smart, Disco Elysium is a tremendous achievement which deserves to be held up as the new template for story-driven RPGs.

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7 / 10 - Control
Sep 25, 2019

Solid action-adventure chops and a super central gameplay gimmick just about smooth over Control's rough edges. If you ignore the story and focus on the combat, you'll have a great time.

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6 / 10 - The Sojourn
Sep 19, 2019

The Sojourn is a competent and technically apt puzzler, but one which feels oddly empty.

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7 / 10 - Fracter
Sep 5, 2019

While it leaves many questions unanswered, Fracter is nonetheless a moody and polished port of a mobile puzzle game.

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Faith is a fine return to form for a season which had felt progressively aimless, and an episode which sets up an unpredictable and potentially explosive finale.

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Aug 27, 2019

Gibbous skews its Lovecraft origins to comic effect, though it would have benefitted from more testing puzzles and less obvious humour.

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6 / 10 - Dry Drowning
Aug 8, 2019

The writing is clichéd and the gameplay linear, but Dry Drowning provides enough quirks for fans of the visual novel genre to warrant a look.

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