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Mango Protocol , Iceberg Interactive
Feb 6, 2024 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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CLeM - Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch | Steam | Epic | GOG)

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Critic Reviews for CLeM

Clem is an engaging adventure game with some genius puzzles and a whole lot of charm, but the movement will be a little too slow for some.

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CLeM delivers a short but excellent point-and-click experience with some cracking puzzles and varied gameplay to make up for its compact size.

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CLeM is a puzzle/adventure game for those who enjoy puzzle/adventures only to a certain point. Its simplification of exploration and inventory management allows the player to focus on the puzzles and the story, both of which hold up well over its short duration.

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CLeM isn’t a very long game: you’ll finish it in around three hours, much less if you know what you’re doing with all the puzzles. Short but sinisterly sweet, then, it’s just the right length to fit in a good amount of puzzles without overstaying its welcome. If you’re a fan of Mango Protocol’s other games – or indeed anything with a slightly dark undertone – you’ll love this.

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CLeM is a brilliant little puzzle game, filled with a constantly eerie vibe that pairs well with its cute, innocent art style. This cartoon world hides a deeper darkness, and to find it, you’ll have to solve clever puzzles and learn all you can about the fate of the family that came before.

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All in all, I had a good time playing CLeM, and I liked reading about and checking out the drawings on alchemy, insects, and other creepy crawlies in the notebook. The house is full of interactive environments to explore. If you enjoy these types of adventure games, then CLeM has a desolate, abandoned house to explore and lots of questions to answer with mysteries to decipher, and you, too, can find out the story behind CLeM.

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Although CLeM's story didn't captivate me as much as it could have, this is an enjoyable and challenging puzzle game which will put your skills to the test.

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CLeM is a small but lovingly designed puzzle adventure game that is perfect for a cozy evening on the couch or for a short puzzle fun in between. With a playing time of only around three hours, this indie title is not really long-term entertainment, but it doesn't have to be. With a great drawing style, a slightly spooky atmosphere and well-designed puzzles, the title stands out in its very own way and is well worth a place in your games library.

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