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A fan of Nintendo for over two decades, I simply love gaming, the culture and the history. Web designer by day, game news reporter by night. Love playing the guitar, the latest Nintendo releases and drawing. Miyamoto is my father!
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9 / 10 - Metroid Dread
Oct 9, 2021

In very a very much Metroidvania move, backtracking back to the start of the review with the question, "Is the new adventure worth the wait?" The answer is a resounding yes. Nintendo and MercurySteam have pulled off a sequel that is classic, essential Metroid with a sprinkling of the new; controls, visual direction and a terrifying new threat that sends a space-aged shiver through the spine. Metroid Dread is the evolution to how side-scrolling Metroid should feel and the conclusion to something truly special. A thrilling chapter for players who have been looking up to the stars for decades, and a compelling tale for adventurers new to the series!

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Oct 18, 2020

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is immersive, addictive and refreshingly fun - a fresh way to interact with the living space; blending a traditional toy with that intense Mario Kart action! Throw in those familiar items, themes and chirpy music and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a recipe for an afternoon of Augmented Reality racing. Home Circuit does certainly have room to grow and questions around replay value - whether through more affordable additional RC cars, extra accessories, and additional extras in the game.

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Jun 26, 2019

If Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the celebration of all things Nintendo, Super Mario Maker 2 is the ultimate celebration of all things Mario! The original Wii U game expanded on what was possible in a Mario course, but the follow-up elevates the experience with true sequel status. A comprehensive mission-driven campaign, boundless tools and tiles and additional themes serve up a tonne of potential for creators! Super Mario Maker 2 offers a canvas to create a truly authentic Super Mario Bros. experience - Press start, the flagpole awaits!

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Oct 3, 2018

Super Mario Party is an eclectic celebration of twenty years of star collecting and coin hoarding; bringing together the best bits into one show-stopping, mini-game cake. Paul Hollywood would grab a Joy-Con and give it a thoroughly good handshake. The addition of "Super" to the title is thoroughly deserved - with streamlined, refined mechanics, classic game design, smart mini-games and brilliant extras to tuck into. Whilst the sense of competition and unpredictable antics is still very much in play, there's also a greater feeling of teamwork within mini-games that hasn't been seen since the original Mario Party. The series has found its encore, and it's ready to keep dancing deep into the night. Super Mario Party is the essential Nintendo Switch release, a true return to form for a franchise that was at risk of going stale.

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Sep 12, 2018

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit is the most challenging and intriguing to piece together so far, and the set that has the most longevity - their software/adventure pieces may not be the most in-depth RPG/open-world fest, but it's fun and puts the kit to good use. The wheel and joystick, in particular, are what's likely to carry momentum going forward - the Toy-Con that could easily be applied to future games and concepts.

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7 / 10 - Go Vacation
Jul 26, 2018

Go Vacation is a medley of summer activities - whether it's tearing up the sand in an ATV or trying to get a horse to ascend a castle and desperately leap over a river, because you can.

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Jun 6, 2018

There's potential for more mini-games beyond what's included, but the game does - for now - lack that longevity to hold interest beyond the initial wow moment.

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May 25, 2018

Dillon and his adorable little hamster friend Russ roll back into the Tower Defence scene with fresh and futuristic tale of Western adventure. Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers builds on the previous games, heightening the action with intense races and expands the universe with an intriguing cast of characters/recruits. There is a steep learning curve and a lot of investment needed into the main tower defence gameplay, but it is worth rolling into in order to save those adorable Scrog critters.

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May 2, 2018

The Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit is just what it says on the tin - one that serves up a variety of unique and interactive toys to build. Through a brilliant interface and robust card shapes, the kit offers hours of DIY building fun - with an interactive pay-off. The mini-games are somewhat short, leaning more towards concept pieces, but with the Labo Garage included, it creates limitless possibilities to explore and invoke a little mischief, too!

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Mar 31, 2018

Detective Pikachu is a fresh look at a franchise that's been constantly evolving - pun intended - for the best part of two decades. From fighting games to intense dungeon crawlers, numerous animated films to cameo cross-overs, Pokémon has proven itself to be a massively versatile series. This new story explores a different snippet of this expansive world, the first steps into what may well prove to be another direction for Nintendo and The Pokémon Company to venture down. The game is packed full of humour, challenging puzzles, and an amusing pair of lead characters. It isn't without its faults, but there's enough here for an ultimately rewarding tale and the potential to develop the formula further in the future.

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