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2 / 10.0 - Gungrave VR
Dec 18, 2018

Gungrave VR is actually one of the rare virtual reality titles that fails to have anything minutely interesting to it. Like there was no reason for this to be a PSVR game other than to be a distraction on how bad the game is. The nonexistent story is one thing, but broken, uninspired, and basic gameplay is another. Don’t play this game. Even if you receive a virtual reality headset and this title for free.

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4.5 / 10.0 - Just Cause 4
Dec 14, 2018

Avalanche Studios clearly tried doing something different with the Just Cause series and added some new flavor to Just Cause 4. It’s a shame none of the additions really fit or handled properly. The story wasn’t well told, gameplay gravitated away from proper destruction, and just things that make the title look like it’s from 2008. If Just Cause 4 is like this because the developers are running out of ideas, it might be best to retire the series and move on to something else.

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The Council offers gamers a tension filled journey purely fueled by character interactions and mysterious circumstances. Best of all is the evolved gameplay mechanics from what we're used to for an episodic endeavor. I truly felt that I had control of every situation from an ability standpoint and a cleverness one. Wrap up an amazing RPG progression mechanic into a great looking voyage on a mysterious island and you have an incredible start to a game. The seeds of a secret society's leader gone missing have been expertly laid and I can't wait until Episode 2 comes about. Here's hoping this first one isn't the end of where the title shines.

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Mar 9, 2018

Burnout Paradise Remastered brings me back to the happy times of teenage gaming. Being able to play one of the greatest racing titles again, on the PlayStation 4, is a delight. I realize being a major fan of the original release skewers my perception slightly, but I am aware my nostalgia plays a role in my enjoyment. As I mentioned, the only positive things here in terms of a remaster are slightly improved textures and playing a beloved racing game again that holds up amazingly well. There’s no new content of any kind so this experience falls into the slight upgrade category. Here’s hoping Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry over at Three Fields Entertainment can come up with something brand new in the true Burnout spirit.

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4.5 / 10.0 - Apex Construct
Feb 19, 2018

I know many likened Apex Construct to Horizon: Zero Dawn in some capacity and I’m here to tell you that notion needs to be ripped, stomped on, and thrown away. There’s too many problems that gradually grow to the unforgivable sort. A game can’t succeed when shooting and picking things up are hardcore victims to lag and registration errors and performing the same requirement to progress the story. There are small glimmers of light that shine in this title except it’s like looking for a hay in a needlestack. You may be proud once you find it, but there’s much pain to go through first.

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8 / 10.0 - The Station
Feb 18, 2018

The Station plops the player in an interesting political situation in the reaches of space. What to do when you finally discover an alien species that’s borderline barbaric to each other raises some interesting questions. Gameplay may not be as interesting or groundbreaking, but anyone who’s played a short adventure game will be right at home. The only problems you have to worry about are a few unclear solutions and a rather short playtime for the game’s premise. Other than that, fellow sci-fi lovers, welcome to a satisfying journey in space that doesn't include shooting something.

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Oct 24, 2017

Ubisoft needed to recapture the magic that made the series great in the first place, and it seems it has done so. It's just all the quintessential problems within said magic tag along for the ride.

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8 / 10.0 - Everybody's Golf
Sep 5, 2017

Everybody’s Golf isn’t going to disappoint any fan of the series or the sport in general. It offers enough life and good ol’ golf fun that you’ll be more than happy with your purchase into this particular genre. It’s just that the open world mechanic that was advertised doesn’t really do anything and this effort could have been used to add more modes or online options. The repetitiveness will break through after a while and may make this title one that will take a backseat to other video games.

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9 / 10.0 - Sparc
Aug 30, 2017

If any virtual reality title would convince people to dive into the technology or take it seriously as an eSport, Sparc is that title. It's simple playground fun with none of the bullying or awkward relationships. Needless to say, CCP Games' creation works and works well. Everything is as smooth as can be for a game that has competitive gaming dreams. Let's just hope that more arenas, items, and modes are added to keep the casual fan base around and even more complexity is inserted for the comp squads. Also, you know...if you like throwing a ball down a hallway, then this PSVR title will make you enjoy it like you were a kid again.

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Aug 6, 2017

This spaceship shoot'em up will draw you in with interesting sounds, nice art design, wonderful weapons, and acceptable gameplay from industry standards. Just after it does, you might be kicked out by the repetitive levels, enemies, and lack of appropriate difficulty though. This is definitely one fans of the genre will enjoy and might even make a few new fans. However, if you were like me as a child Graceful Explosion Machine won't change your mind about these types of games. There's just not enough diversity going for it to have that effect.

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