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Disc Jam

High Horse Entertainment
Mar 7, 2017 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Disc Jam

Disc Jam is a good attempt at combining multiple sports inspirations into a video game, and for the most part Disc Jam achieves this by delivering a solid competitive experience with simple mechanics.

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As it is, Disc Jam is a great and interesting concept that leaves you wanting more. Just as quickly as you gain an affinity for the game, you can also get bored with it once you realized there just isn't a lot to offer. Even with the obvious shallowness, Disc Jam is worth your time.

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Disc Jam neither insults or excels in Switch game's library and what it does, it does so in solid fashion. It is fast, fun, easy to pick up and hard to master, but as previously stated elsewhere on this review it lives or dies by its community; Will the current install base of Switch users turn Disc Jam into a runaway, enduring online success or the game future will be best remembered for it's fast paced bouts with your friends on local multiplayer? To this question we do not know the answer and it will be up to the developers to continued to support their product with new features that will keep the game future proof. But the solid foundation for a great competitive eSport is already in place. Pick this up without fear if you know you have friends with whom you'd like to compete. Otherwise you might want to keep a lookout from the sidelines to see how it all plays out.

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Disc Jam has all of the ingredients of a classic but it just doesn't feel fully cooked. Flat visuals and some balance issues prevent this disc tossing sim from reaching the same highs as Rocket League, even if its gameplay loop is fairly accessible and sporting some great depth. That said, though, if this is High Horse Entertainment's Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars moment, then we can't wait to see what it delivers next time it takes to the field.

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… always being in the action and not drowning in my own failure for too long was actually a good thing.

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Disc Jam, made by High Horse Enterntainment, is a sports game which could entertaining enough if played with some friends

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Fresh out of a fun-filled beta period, Disc Jam brings exciting disc-tossing arcade sports action to the PC. Its core game is entertaining, but it lacks the polish found in other multiplayer sports titles.

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Overlooking the microtransactions, Disc Jam is still a fun game. The trailers got me pumped to play it, and it's just as fun in-person as it is on video. But, your fun-factor will be determined by your skill level. But if you're the determined type or one of those special people who are just instantly good at every new thing they try, then you should be able to just jump right in with no issues.

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