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Available on:PlayStation VRDec 11, 2018

Publisher: XSEED JKS Inc

Genre: First-Person Shooter

The relentless action of GUNGRAVE VR and the standalone sequel GUNGRAVE VR U.N are available together in one complete set: GUNGRAVE VR Loaded Coffin Edition. Many years have passed since the war against the nefarious drug, SEED. Mika Asagi lived a quiet life watching over the undead soldier Beyond the Grave (Grave, for short), who returned to his slumber. Those halcyon days ended suddenly, as South City turned into a war zone torn apart by Orgmen, humans infected with SEED. '...Please lend me your strength once again, Beyond the Grave.' To restore hope to South City, Mika and Grave throw themselves into battle. Featuring third-person and first-person perspectives for an intense take on VR action gameplay, experience combat as if you are really there! GUNGRAVE VR U.N introduces brand new side-view stages that mix VR action with the feel of classic side-scrollers.

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Gungrave, like when it debuted over a decade ago, is an acquired taste. It's rigid and not particularly welcoming, two qualities that are exasperated in VR. Despite its problems, I'd welcome another go at Gungrave (or a revival of that Planet Gunsmoke Trigun game), and it looks like we're getting it. But you can skip this outing.

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Gungrave VR  comes across as a game where the devs were hyped for the possibility of VR but didn't know the best way to utilise it for an engaging experience. It's very short, there's no coherent story, the camera feels weird and not well implemented in the third person mode, and it all feels a bit bland. There are much better ways to spend your time and money unless you really have an hour to kill and Gungrave VR gets a very deep discount.

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Gungrave VR isn't a very good VR title, It isn't that good of a game in general, With all that it tries to do it doesn't do much of anything well. Not only is Gunrave VR a poor game its a poor use of an excellent license.

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Gungrave VR has a poorly implemented control scheme, a lack of story content, it doesn't take advantage of the technology available in the PSVR headset, and ultimately lacks enjoyment in its core gameplay. Unfortunately, Gungrave VR has failed to raise the series from the grave and we'd advise everyone to let this one lay to rest.

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