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Loves both playing games and writing about them. Works for pressakey.com and freelanced for several other German publications. The only person on earth waiting for the return of the best video game lizard ever, Gex.
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Oct 10, 2019

Playtonic and Yooka-Laylee are successful in the second attempt and with one dimension less: The search for the Beettalions is a wonderful jump'n'run adventure that can keep up with Donkey Kong Country in its best moments and sets new standards in the genre with a great world map. What a positive surprise!

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Sep 15, 2019

Three Houses is a promising first step towards a new era for Fire Emblem, and a solid foundation for the next games to come. While it does lack challenge and depth in exploring the monastery, it excels in other areas, mostly in its rich and captivating universe, unique characters and advanced turn-based combat. The journey to the grand finale is long, but it's a memorable one that will please not just long-time Fire Emblem fans.

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Liked-a-lot - Etherborn
Jul 17, 2019

Whether you're walking on the ground, the wall or the ceiling, in Etherborn this is all just a matter of perspective - and the game is wonderfully built around this unique idea of shifting gravity, offering complex level design and a great sense of scale. The only question, then, is why you're doing all of this, as the overarching story doesn't explain itself very well and leaves you with more questions than answers.

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Jul 11, 2019

Drag, Drop, Play - Super Mario Maker 2 builds on the great foundation of its predecessor on Wii U and expands it in any way imaginable, from new elements and settings over a brand new 3D World style to more modes and multiplayer. There's still room left for improvement, but Mario Maker 2 is a game that will eat up your time anyway - no matter whether you're playing it on a TV or using the touchscreen in undocked mode.

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Worth your time - Team Sonic Racing
Jun 13, 2019

Driving is fun, working together as a team is exciting, but the interesting ideas only really click after hours of training and learning - which might be a road too long for most people. Furthermore, compared to its strong predecessors, Team Sonic Racing lacks the charm of the SEGA All-Stars brand. This time, it's Sonic & Friends only - a premise much less creative and, and therefore much less appealing.

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Worth your time - Koral
May 16, 2019

Koral is a fascinating journey through the ocean that's less about entertaining with its simple puzzle mechanics, but rather about teaching and educating the player about the threats that this beautiful world is facing in the real life beyond the TV. While the game itself remains basic, its message is all the more important.

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Apr 23, 2019

SteamWorld Quest is another showcase for the creative talent at Image & Form who have crafted yet another charming robot adventure in a new genre, that, once again, manages to entertain with lovely characters, strong gameplay systems and slick presentation - even though the freshness wears off after a while of playing as the game relies a bit too heavily on its card-based battles and deck building.

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Disliked - Trials Rising
Mar 27, 2019

Trials was expanded from a wonderfully purist arcade title to a big Game as a Service - including Lootboxes, real money integration and embarrassing ingratiation with the Fortnite target group. So at least I don't enjoy trials anymore, although the playful core belongs to the best of the series. Too bad about the great level design.

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Loved - Baba Is You
Mar 21, 2019

Baba Is You constructs a game principle of immense depth and complexity, which fascinates and occupies over many hours - and never loses its fascination. For all fans of puzzles: Baba is Win!

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Mar 18, 2019

Precise controls, fast and action-packed twin-stick shooting for up to four players on one console: Assault Android Cactus is simply fun.

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