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7.5 / 10.0 - HyperParasite
Apr 4, 2020

Hyperparasite is a roguelike with the cast of a huge fighter. The title, strong of interesting gameplay ideas and a very clever basic mechanics is fun and exciting in cooperative. Remains to be filed some internal balances of the game systems and the difficulty remains high, certainly able to scare more than one player. Very interesting the presence of a cooperative mode, an option that enhances the longevity already good in itself. An interesting product, intended for a niche, which we hope will find the success it deserves.

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Mar 28, 2020

In defitiva The Foundation is an honest DLC for a title that continues to defend itself and make players fall in love. The product attempts to expand the proposal of the original title through new gameplay solutions and new visual solutions, not always succeeding at full potential but still giving a respectable amount of hours of fun. The Foundation is a product that winks at all those who have been caged in the dazzling mythology of the mother title, offering this kind of players, answers and questions able to send forward lucubrations for several weeks, waiting for the arrival of the closing of the circle marked Remedy.

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Jan 31, 2020

Through The Darkest Of Times is a powerful title, able to do justice to the subject matter thanks to intelligent game mechanics and a first-rate technical/artistic sector, between vintage graphic styles and disturbing music. The world of Nazi Germany, despite some bizza narrative and a replayability not at the top for the genre, is well deepened and able to interest for more than ten hours. If you feel like going for a ride in the worst of historical times, you've just found an intelligent way to do it.

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9 / 10.0 - Valfaris
Dec 15, 2019

Valfaris is beautiful to see and fun to play. A title that sprays metal from every pore and that will immediately enter the hearts of fans thanks to an artistic section from hands in hair, with detailed, charismatic and original settings. Musically speaking, the soundtrack, created by Curt Victor Braynt, alone could be worth the price of the ticket. If to all this we add a gameplay fun like few other things, with the right depth and the right adaptability we are faced with a very clear situation: Valfaris is one of those video games to play during 2019, whatever it costs.

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Nov 20, 2019

Fortnite is the lucky encounter between a more than pleasant game and a marketing experiment of capital importance for the world of video games. In its two Epic Games, Fortnite has put a lot of resources into creating an empire and putting together the right video game at the right time, able to win the hearts of millions of players thanks to an accessible but deep gameplay. Fortnite skillfully exploits all the battle royale's chrisms to offer players an experience that is at the very least fun at every access, constantly renewing itself and constantly looking for new things. This, of course, brings with it balance problems that are added to bugs of various kinds, able to make the nose twitch to players already little interested in gunplay or structure but little matter, since they can always fall back on Fortnite Save The World. The presence on virtually every device is just the icing on the cake for a title that, against all odds, deserves more than a few glances and some insults.

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8 / 10.0 - Code Vein
Oct 3, 2019

Code Vein is one of this year's little surprises, an RPG action video game that manages to make soulslike mechanics appealing to virtually all types of gamers thanks to very interesting insights from a playful point of view. The title is destined to make a breakthrough in the hearts of many players thanks to the narrative sector much more standard than that of his putative father, son of years and years of Japanese animation and strong of a plot that with the continuation manages to intrigue a bit 'every type of player category. The intelligent and interesting gameplay, despite some slippage from the point of view of animation and character design, manages to deliver this title to the list of things to rediscover over the next few years; a successful attempt by Bandai Namco to create a new IP.

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