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General Information

Available on:PCAug 27, 2020

Developer: Niila Games

Publisher: Niila Games

Genre: Interactive Story

Follow a young woman as she tries to stay afloat in Copenhagen during a summer riddled with anxiety and loneliness. Amid the desire for isolation there’s still a hope that one day, things will change. Maybe the shadow monster in her apartment can help her? Stilstand is a dark and absurd interactive graphic novel. A personal and hand drawn tale about the high expectations and fragile emotional life that many young people struggle with. Flip through the pages of an interactive graphic novel and watch it come to life as you play. Search for love and adventures, send text messages and scroll through strange social media feeds. Play unique mini-games. Enjoy detailed and expressive black and white illustrations and a genre-bending cinematic soundtrack.

Stilstand Reviews

Stilstand is what it is, an interactive comic book that we can call a video game by the hair, and a story and presentation that has touched my fucking heart. I have no idea if it will do the same to you, reader, here everything is as personal as passing around cartoons, having some very simple interactive situation, and digesting each one in our own personal sphere what we see on the screen during the hour it takes for everything to happen.

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