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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchAug 12, 2020
PCAug 12, 2020

Developer: GungHo Online Entertainment America

Publisher: GungHo Online Entertainment America

Genres: Action, Simulation, Strategy

Years ago, the Earth was jeopardized by a Kaiju invasion. These mighty exterrestrial monsters’ only aim was mass destruction on a global scale. Faced with insurmountable odds, our best known scientists and world leaders floundered and it seemed everything was lost. That is, until the mysterious Dr. V revealed his new technology - the Voltas. Thanks to the Voltas and their pilots, our victory over the alien threat was swift and decisive. After overcoming the Kaiju, these formidable robots provided the foundation for the most popular sport in the world – Volta battling! Now we’re extending an invitation to you to join the World Volta Association, the premiere destination for high stakes Volta combat. Achieving prestige and fame will take teamwork and plenty of strategy. Prove your championship drive by commanding your crew members to power up weapons, dodge attacks, or repair your Volta while you simultaneously attack your opponent’s Volta to weaken them and gain victory! As you rise through our ranks, you’ll earn access to more Voltas, obtain incredible weapons, and face even tougher challenges.

Volta - X Critic Reviews

The base management is a little inconsequential, the interface has some clutter, and the persistent online connection requirement will be a wall for some, but none of that changes the fact that Volta-X is an outstanding strategic combat experience. Building new loadouts and testing new strategies is addicting and delightful, and a perfect online experience means there is tremendous replay value if you have a friend with the game or if the PvP scene continues to grow. GungHo has produced a quirky little gem here for Switch.

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Volta – X is an entertaining mech-based game with a clever mix of mech battling to management sim wrapped up in a gorgeous art style. The required online connection is stupid and really soured what is a great package here for me as someone that doesn’t always game in a WiFi spot. However, if this isn’t an issue for you there’s a highly entertaining experience here worth sinking many hours into.

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