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A Tale of Paper

Open House Games, GAMMERA NEST SL
Oct 21, 2020 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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6 / 10
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A Tale of Paper - Gameplay Trailer (2020)

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Critic Reviews for A Tale of Paper

A Tale of Paper is a great concept with an excellent presentation that's slightly ruined by some poor platforming design. If you're willing to stick it out though, you'll be rewarded with a gorgeous world to explore and an equally captivating score.

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A Tale of Paper: Refolded isn't a bad game, but it doesn't do anything that its competitors don't, which makes the entire experience feel forgettable at best and like a moist piece of paper at worst.

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A Tale of Paper: Refolded, is a beautifully illustrated game with a unique storyline. Although it is a little on the short side (game time wise), it is still really engaging, quirky, and not too difficult to solve. If you enjoy games like Limbo and Little Nightmares, then this game is definitely one for you to check out!

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A Tale of Paper is a short game that deals in powerful emotions; during its couple of hours, it takes the player on a journey where you'll go from panicked platforming to staring wistfully at a sunset in a matter of minutes. With a beautifully crafted world from start to finish, A Tale of Paper is a game you'll remember.

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Based on the identity of the mechanics and proposals of other indie titles, A Tale of Paper is a game that stands out for the way it makes the best of this segment without the famous tributes to great titles of the past. In order to promote an experience focused on human sensations, technical factors such as graphics and soundtrack stand out to sharpen the senses, allowing a reflection on what it is to love and the search for the self.

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Its clunky platforming can sure be frustrating but A Tale of Paper still provides a memorable and captivating adventure.

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Ultimately, it’s a shame that A Tale of Paper doesn’t achieve greater heights. It has the components to be a great game, but the final product just isn’t. The well developed environments and catchy melodies don’t do enough to save the game from the rest of its downfalls.

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A Tale of Paper is one of those games that do not leave you indifferent. You may not like it, it may seem easy to you; but it cannot be denied that it awakens feelings. This is reflected in the bonds that the player creates with the little origami doll, which are strengthened meanwhile he is trying to find its way. Open House has done a wonderful job in the narrative field to make us experience different emotions, only through images gracefully accompanied by the astonishing music. They have made a bond with us through a deep story and a playful character. Pressing the buttons of a remote controller, they have made us sigh deeply and wish it does not end.

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