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Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

Beautiful Glitch
Oct 23, 2020 - PC

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Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp - Release Trailer (OUT NOW ON STEAM)

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Critic Reviews for Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

With its wealth of content and comedy, Monster Camp establishes itself as the year's premier dating sim. Fans of the original will feel right at home; the gameplay remains relatively untouched, save for a number of adjustments.

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Monster Camp in a nutshell is about enjoying the story, admiring the whacky, graphic-novel style artwork, and building up your stats over the course of the summer to make sure you have enough points to win over your monster and secure a date to the meteor shower. The dialogue features a great deal of vulgarity, and it’s certainly not meant for the eyes of children. It’s outrageous and hilarious, and the scenarios are just as over-the-top as you would expect. It’s all about savoring the journey, and for most fans of this genre, there is a lot to appreciate.

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To get straight to the point, Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is pure fun, plain and simple.

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Ever fancied playing a dating sim without all the lovey-dovey nonsense? Would you rather enjoy wacky scenarios and clever yet juvenile writing? If your answer was yes to any of these, then you should look no further than Monster Camp.

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Monster Camp is a delightful game which breathes life into the dating sim genre witha mix of over-the-top humor and poignant character development

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Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is a worthy successor to the impressive first title in the series. The setting might be less engaging but the characters and the interactions are on par if not better. The team has refined its writing and style in interesting ways. The game also makes it hard to wait and see what they can deliver with the rest of the titles in the series.

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Rice Digital

Trent Cannon
Rice Digital

If you enjoyed Monster Prom (which you did because you have excellent taste), then Monster Camp is a great continuation of that experience. It doesn’t change things up massively as far as gameplay goes, but that’s because very little needed changing from the original. Monster Camp is still one of the most exciting dating-sim/visual novel releases this year, with mountains of content for those of you get through. So gather your friends, get on voice chat, and get ready to woo some monsters.

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Becca S.
8 / 10.0

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp feels like a huge continuation of the first game. If you enjoyed the first, then it goes without saying that you’ll get a kick out of this sequel, too. It’s wacky, fun, violent, hilarious and a whole host of other awesome things. The dialogue is as brilliant as ever and includes topical references to today’s pop culture. The characters are charming, weird, sexy and adorable – and you can’t help but love them. Finding a date to the meteor shower is a challenge, but when you do eventually watch those flying space rocks hurtling through the sky, you’ll be happy you’ve got your chosen monster by your side.

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