Oniria Crimes

ckolmos entertainment, Badland Publishing

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Oniria Crimes

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchDec 3, 2020
PCDec 3, 2020
Xbox OneDec 3, 2020

Developer: ckolmos entertainment

Publisher: Badland Publishing

Genres: Adventure, Puzzle, Interactive Story

Join the Rounders to solve the mysteries that happen in the Land of Dreams Oniria Crimes is an adventure game that takes place in Oniria, the Land of Dreams. Help Detective Santos and Inspector Torres to investigate crime scenes as part of the Rounders, a secret society that pursues crime in dreams. Oniria Crimes is a combination of visual-novel-like story with point&click mechanics similar to graphic adventures, where the objects will help you to figure out what happened in the crime scene. Oniria Crimes features a 6-chapter story with a mystery plot, oniric objects with their testimony, puzzles that hide key clues, dark voxel theme and appealing progressive music.

Oniria Crimes Critic Reviews

While I have been harsh on Oniria Crimes I do feel there is a niche audience for this game. If you’re able to immerse yourself in the world and like the idea of a tough point and click game this might be for you. In the games current state, I would still recommend waiting till it gets some much-needed patching. Not a game for me but I hope it finds some fans because of all my critique the idea here is at least different.

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A world in which, if we decide to enter, we will be irretrievably trapped.

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