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Space Invaders Forever

Taito, ININ
Dec 11, 2020 - PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

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7 / 10
Screen Rant
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Nintendo Life
6 / 10
Digital Chumps
7.8 / 10
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6 / 10
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Space Invaders Forever Trailers

Space Invaders Forever - Out Now - Official Trailer (ESRB) thumbnail

Space Invaders Forever - Out Now - Official Trailer (ESRB)

Space Invaders Forever - Official Trailer (ESRB) thumbnail

Space Invaders Forever - Official Trailer (ESRB)

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Critic Reviews for Space Invaders Forever

Space Invaders Forever is pretty great for anyone who's a fan of Space Invaders. It offers three games that are very different in approach, one of them with a fresh lick of paint and one focused on local multiplayer for some part cooperative, part competitive Earth defending. It's hard to argue against the variety you get with these three classics.

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Space Invaders Forever has two good modes.

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Nintendo Life

Stuart Gipp
6 / 10
Nintendo Life

Space Invaders Extreme is awesome, but even in the guise of a cut-down compilation, Space Invaders Forever is lacking as a package. Better titles could have been chosen, and the way the apps are laid out is strange and disconnected. When it drops in price, this will be essential for Extreme alone. If you want Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders, that's available on your phone for a fair price, and better suited to that format in general. A disappointing and confusing package, but one that we strongly recommend at a discount just to get Space Invaders Extreme. It's that good. All six of these points are for it, and it alone.

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Space Invaders Forever drops a trio of games in your lap that bring a variety of gameplay for solo and multiplayer experiences. It certainly treats the Space Invaders franchise appropriately, even though not all the games included work as planned.

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Space Invaders Forever is a solid but overpriced collection that presents three unique spins on the classic Space Invaders formula. It's by no means complete, but whether you're looking for a quick party game or some solitary nostalgia, there's a variation or two here for you.

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A gaming classic returns! Space Invaders Forever brings three titles to Nintendo Switch with varying degrees of success. Our review covers the whole package, so get ready for a deep dive into those would-be alien overlords. They might not be successful.

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If you liked Space Invaders Extreme when it was previously released, or enjoy that kind of arcade action this is for you. If you like the idea of playing Space Invaders with 3 buddies, then this is definitely for you! If you only want the Arkanoid x Space Invaders game, it's available as a stand alone title on mobile.

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Space Invaders Forever is a three-game package, where one of them is downright excellent, one of them is an interesting and fun concept, but isn't the most comfortable to play with on Switch, and the last one is only a bit of fun in multiplayer. The first of the bunch itself could justify the purchase if the package was priced a bit more sensibly, but this should really have included more of the excellent updates to the Space Invaders formula that have been released over the years. Furthermore, people who have purchased the digital package at launch on the eShop had issues getting Arkanoid vs Space Invaders to install on their system. We're told this is not a problem anymore though.

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