Crawlco Block Knockers

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchDec 17, 2020
PCAug 2, 2019

Developers: eastasiasoft, CosmiKankei

Publisher: eastasiasoft

Genres: Action, Arcade, Puzzle

Return to the feel of smokey ‘90s Japanese arcades as you pull, kick and match blocks to reveal hidden images of the lovely ladies behind each stage! As blocks enter the play field, knock them into marked zones while avoiding and smashing enemies, all as your workspace gets tighter. Aim carefully to boost your score, but don’t get boxed in! Crawlco Block Knockers arrives on Nintendo Switch™ with even more hot content featuring uncensored and “modesty” modes, new character art, additional stages and added localization. With a light-hearted story and plenty of retro neon aesthetics, this is the definitive way to experience Crawlco’s unique blend of reveal mechanics and match-3 puzzle action! Features: • Match blocks in marked zones to reveal some very lovely images. • Jump, pull and kick blocks in pixel art style! • Control the naughtiness of your experience with “modesty” settings. • Test your block-slinging skills in elaborate boss battles! • Enjoy light-hearted story and dialogue between stages. • Get in the mood with a future funk soundtrack!

Crawlco Block Knockers Critic Reviews

Not every game needs to be infinitely replayable, though. Crawlco Block Knockers is perfect as a little diversion in-between bigger games, or because levels are short, it's the ideal time-filler. I would have said that it would be ideal to take on the commute, too, except that other people would most certainly judge you for playing this in public. It really is good fun though.

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Judgemental Waifu
8 / 10.0

Crawlco Block Knockers is a solid puzzle experience that captures the joy of '90s arcade games, all while including some tasteful artwork.

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Rice Digital

Unknown Author
Rice Digital

It’s silly, sexy fun that is the perfect game to enjoy in the summer months — particularly if you have any sort of rose-tinted nostalgia for the ’90s. So what are you waiting for? There are ladies to uncov– I mean, boxes to pack!

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The quality of the mechanics, a cool take on those of 1982’s Pengo, are the star of Crawlco Block Knockers, a cheap, erotic puzzle game that’s only a few hours long. It’ll titillate its target audience and there’s some replayability here for them. For everyone else, a genuinely enjoyable puzzle game is combined with anime cleavage that’s poor, even for budget eroge standards.

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