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Boot Hill Heroes

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchDec 15, 2020
PCOct 10, 2014
PlayStation VitaApr 1, 2014

Developer: Experimental Gamer

Publisher: Experimental Gamer

Genres: Adventure, RPG

Boot Hill Heroes is the first game in a series that fuses elements of spaghetti western film - gunslinging outlaws, brave lawmen, and the untamed wilderness - with classic RPG storyline and gameplay. It's an epic Wild West adventure packed with excitement, intrigue and a dose of humor. - Retro Refresh: An experimental combination of old and new ideas that brings unique experience to modern gamers and old-school fans alike. Boot Hill Bounties fuses elements of spaghetti westerns - gunslinging outlaws, brave lawmen, and the untamed wilderness - with classic RPG storyline and gameplay - 4 Player Co-op: Play single player or up to four player local co-op. Friends can seamlessly drop-in and take control of one or more of the four characters! - No Random Battles: Enemies can be seen and avoided, and previously defeated enemies move out of your way. Fight outlaws and animals! Can you stop a barroom brawl? Can you defeat a gang of raccoons hoarding precious garbage? - Active Combat: Typical turn-based combat is replaced with a fast and engaging real-time system where all players must follow the battle at all times and adapt to new strategies!

Boot Hill Heroes Critic Reviews

Boot Hill Heroes, though an honorable attempt to make a retro RPG in the rarely-used Wild West setting, fails to hold up to modern standards. It also isn't a close enough homage to let those misgivings slide. A fine combat system and an on-point soundtrack aren't enough to get past the bland gameplay, trope-filled story, and old-school jank.

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Boot Hill Heroes is a decent RPG with a heart of Wild West gold. While some might find the graphic style a little crude there is a meaty RPG to get stuck into here with an interesting battle system and customization options, also the characters and story telling are pretty neat too. Grab your cowboy hat and prepare for a Wild RPG adventure.

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