Lily of the Hollow - Resurrection

Blue Fiddich, Navila Software Japan
Jun 26, 2019 - Nintendo Switch, PC
Digitally Downloaded
0.5 / 5
Noisy Pixel
5 / 10
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Lily of the Hollow - Resurrection Media

Critic Reviews for Lily of the Hollow - Resurrection

I was genuinely excited to play Lily of the Hollow - Resurrection. It seems like such a beautiful little visual novel and while I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece of localisation based on its low price, I was expecting to be able to read it. But that just cannot be done. Developers from Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and every other emerging game development centre through Asia-Pacific, listen to me carefully: You can have the most beautiful aesthetics and a heartwarming concept for your game. If the localisation isn’t going to be good, though, do not bother with an English release, because it is going to get reviews like this one. Make “invest in proper translation” your big resolution for 2021. I do not want to play any other games like Lily in the Hollow - Resurrection ever again.

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Lily of the Hollow-Resurrection is an intriguing game, but the player’s enjoyment will likely depend on how well they can tolerate (or be amused by) a poor translation, and how willing they are to fill in any confusing gaps with their imagination. With the assistance of the excellent voice acting, I have to say that my experience didn’t feel too muddled. Unfortunately, the ending of Dia’s route was one of those areas where I felt a bit out of the loop. However, even in its current form, I would’ve been happy to pay the small amount they’re asking for it. If they invested in a better translation, and the story is as good as I think it was then it would absolutely be worth any VN fan’s time. Here’s hoping it gets the translation it deserves!

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Lily of the Hollow: Resurrection might be better experienced in its native language. The grammatical errors render it almost impossible to follow as you spend more time compensating for the errors than paying attention to the plot. It’s still visually a pleasing visual novel, but one that won’t leave any meaningful impact.

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