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Habroxia 2

Lillymo Games, eastasiasoft
Feb 3, 2021 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, PC, Nintendo Switch

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Habroxia 2 - Release Date Trailer | PS4, PS Vita thumbnail

Habroxia 2 - Release Date Trailer | PS4, PS Vita

Habroxia 2 Reveal Trailer (PS4, Vita, Switch, XBO, PC) thumbnail

Habroxia 2 Reveal Trailer (PS4, Vita, Switch, XBO, PC)

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Critic Reviews for Habroxia 2

Habroxia 2 makes me erupt with positive and overly excitable adjectives: entertaining, fun, delightful, near-perfect. I could go on, and I will: fast, frenetic, fluid, confident. This is a game that demands the attention of any fan of 2D retro shooters and offers a seismic improvement over the original. You'll be hooked from beginning to end.

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It's been a long time since a shmup has felt this modern, while still preserving the roots of the genre. As long as you can get past a little bit of grinding, Habroxia 2 is the sort of experience that we've been missing on PC for far too long. Man your battle stations, because it's time to take a trip deep into bullet hell.

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All in all, Habroxia 2 knows it’s not reinventing the wheel, but it settles for a fulfilling campaign that will hold your attention from beginning through New Game Plus. With a rewarding upgrade system and sturdy presentation, this is gaming comfort food for those who grew up in the arcade era, and it comes recommended if you’re looking for an old-school shooter to blast through in a few sittings.

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Deftly dodge space debris in Habroxia 2.

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Overall, while Habroxia 2 doesn’t do a whole lot to stand out from other shoot ‘em ups it is a solid new choice in the genre. The levels switching between horizontal and vertical help keep you on your toes and a variety of upgrades for your ship will have you testing different loadouts out across the main game, New Game+, and the other modes on offer. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and affordable new shmup for your catalog then Habroxia 2 is a great choice.

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Fun retro-styled twin-stick shooter that feels satisfying to play. Wears its early Konami inspiration on its sleeve whilst taking it to new places! Easy to recommend to shmup fans!

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Retro-styled shoot 'em up Habroxia 2 makes for an entertaining experience even if it doesn't rise above others in the genre.

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Habroxia 2 is very much worth any shoot ’em up fans’ time and money. The gameplay is on point, and that is largely all that matters. Throw in some nifty unlockable modes and a bucketload of upgrades to unlock, and you have a game that offers serious old-school thrills along with some modern-day flair.

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