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Natsuki Chronicles

Qute, Rising Star Games
Dec 25, 2019 - PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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God is a Geek
9 / 10
70 / 100
The Digital Fix
8 / 10
7 / 10
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8 / 10
PSX Brasil
80 / 100
Video Chums
8.4 / 10
8 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Natsuki Chronicles

Natsuku Chronicles is a seriously entertaining title, which fans of classics like Border Down and R-Type Final will absolutely lap up.

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I’m often horrible at these types of games, finding that the skill jump from easy to medium to be too much of a challenge but I found Natsuki Chronicles fares as a good starting point for beginners. In saying that, this game isn’t easy either and will require a ton of play-throughs of the same level, especially the later ones and on higher difficulties, to best determine which weapon types work the best and also your strategy. But even so, fans of the bullet hell genre should most definitely add this game to their library.

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Natsuki Chronicles is a great entry into a classic genre of games. While the somewhat stale story and overwhelming options proved more distracting than positive at times, this is ultimately a title that I will come back to many times in the future.

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Unoriginal art direction aside, Natsuki Chronicles is a thoroughly entertaining shoot ’em up that any fan of the genre should check out. Though thanks to its generosity with handing out additional credits and shields in each of its game modes, it’s even suitable for those with only a passing interest in the genre looking for a good entry point. Only players who truly wanted to follow its story will find real fault with it – everyone else will find it to be a blast from beginning to end.

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In the end, Natsuki Chronicles is a solid shoot-'em-up. The action provides a nice balance between hardcore and novice-friendly gameplay, while the various tweakable options are welcome for players of all skill levels. Despite a lack of modes, there is some replayability thanks to an online leaderboard system and various difficulty levels and items to unlock; it gives players a reason to return despite the lackluster story. If you're a shoot-'em-up fan, Natsuki Chronicles is well worth checking out.

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Natsuki Chronicles is a great surprise in a genre already quite familiar to players, especially those with a long history, and offers everything that works in that genre: unrestrained action, chaotic artistic style and refined gameplay. While it is not so innovative, it offers a very rewarding experience for the enthusiasts of shoot'em up games.

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If you love shoot 'em ups as much as I do then you'll have an absolute blast with Natsuki Chronicles. Its clever and vastly different modes make for top-notch shooting entertainment whether you prefer the steadily-paced story or action-packed arcade gameplay.

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Overall, there is plenty of game here and enough to challenge even the most hardened shoot-’em-up fanatic, but also enough tricks up its sleeve to cater for newcomers. Natsuki Chronicles will be on my ‘pick up and play’ list for a while.

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