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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftMar 11, 2021

Developers: Stitch Media, Silverstring Media Inc.

Publisher: Oculus

Genres: Adventure, Puzzle

Flow Weaver is a "multidimensional" VR escape room game. Releasing on March 11, 2021 on Steam for Oculus Rift. Oculus Quest and Quest 2 version is available on Oculus Storefront. The player explores and experiments with their environment, moving between different magical dimensions to solve intuitive puzzles towards the goal of escape. The player is a Flow Weaver, a powerful wizard-traveler familiar with the dimensions of magic. Trapped and shackled in a closed cell with only a few objects around, the player needs to use their powers to learn about the Flows of this strange new world -- and learn about their captors. The primary gameplay centers around transitioning between your cell and different dimensions (or "Flows") as you discover them, learning how each Flow affects the world in different ways. The player uses those differences to solve puzzles and challenges, learn new skills or spells, and uncover new objects and new puzzles. Eventually, they bring all their skills and all the dimensions together to ultimately escape captivity. Flow Weaver is made with the generous support of the Canada Media Fund, Ontario Creates and the Games Institute.

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Steve C
6 / 10

Flow Weavers is a well designed and enjoyable escape room puzzler that is perfectly suited to virtual reality but also suffers from some of the common issues that the format provides. While it doesn't reach the genre heights of The Room: A Dark Matter, it offers a welcome change of setting with the emphasis on magic and dimensional teleportation well suited to the virtual world. This is a game that may well weave its magic on you, albeit for only a brief while.

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There are not many games that are marred with so many issues as Flow Weaver. The gameplay is boring, the texture quality is akin to a PS1 game, the story is barely interesting, and there are far too many bugs and glitches to count. Trudging through the mess that this game is, the only redeemable quality is the dimension-hopping --- a great idea that definitely needs to be implemented properly. As for now, Flow Weaver is not one I'd recommend getting your hands on.

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Flow Weaver is a virtual reality escape room experience with a dull story that doesn't understand what makes escape rooms fun.

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You’ll finish Flow Weaver in anywhere from one to three hours, depending on how long it takes you to figure things out. That’s not a lot of content, even for a VR game. Flow Weaver is a solid escape room-style puzzler, and it has some nice rooms and a few interesting characters to interact with, but overall the limited gameplay and short playtime are a let-down. Try this VR game if you really love the escape room genre, but if you want to feel like a real wizard, there are better VR titles already out there.

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