Dreaming Sarah

Ratalaika Games, Asteristic Game Studio, Anthony Septim

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Dreaming Sarah

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchMar 5, 2021
PCMar 12, 2015
PlayStation 5Mar 5, 2021
Xbox OneMar 5, 2021

Developers: Asteristic Game Studio, Anthony Septim

Publisher: Ratalaika Games

Genres: Adventure, Platformer

Dreaming Sarah is a surreal adventure platformer game with puzzle elements, an engaging environment, an incredibly diverse cast of characters, and of course, a young girl named Sarah. Sarah has been in an accident and is currently in a coma. It's up to you to help her wake up by exploring her dream world.

Dreaming Sarah Critic Reviews

Dreaming Sarah's surreal world is fun to explore, all wrapped in great pixel art and an excellent soundtrack. There's plenty of variety and puzzles to solve. Despite its short length, it's worth checking out if you're after something different yet memorable in the genre.

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Dreaming Sarah won’t appeal to everyone. This is a game where you grab a good drink, sit down on your favourite comfy chair and just get immersed in, then probably never touch again. But for the price of entry, it’s worth a shot. Maybe it was the music, the subtle but effective details or maybe just because the game spoke to me in ways I didn’t expect. But Dreaming Sarah was an experience that moved me. A weird but memorable experience I don’t think I’ll be forgetting anytime soon.

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As you delve further into your run, you will wonder what you are playing. This thought soon passes and you will love the odd atmosphere and surreal imagery that is presented. The unveiling of the true nature of this story doesn’t come clear until the very end, so I suggest keeping with it. At around £4 it’s great value for money, so I suggest buying it here! Can you help Sarah walk through her mind and piece together the objects that stop her waking? Traverse many surreal landscapes, solve the puzzles and awaken from your slumber.

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