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Quantum League

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General Information

Available on:PCApr 15, 2021
Nintendo SwitchTBA 2021

Developer: Nimble Giant Entertainment

Publisher: Nimble Giant Entertainment

Genres: First-Person Shooter, Action

Quantum League is a revolutionary Time-Paradox Shooter: a competitive online FPS where you are battling within a time loop, tactically teaming up with your past and future selves in mind-blowing 1v1 and 2v2 matches. Unique Time Loop Game Mechanic – dominate each round by taking advantage of the cloning time-loop in each arena to outmanouevre your opponent. Consider where you were and where you want to be to make that final winning shot, turning the tide of battle in an instant. - Multiple Options for Combat – play solo against an online opponent in 1v1 battles or dial up to the power of 2 in 2v2 multiplayer matches. Chase the top of the competitive leaderboard for global recognition! - Play in different game modes – including Free-For-All and Point Capture across 9 different arenas. - Choose from 6 different characters to play, unlocking new outfits and styles as you evolve. - Select from 6 different weapons and head into the Quantum Arena!

Quantum League Critic Reviews

All three of me agree, there's nothing quite like it. Quantum League is worth your time.

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The Partisan Spy

Unknown Author
The Partisan Spy

Quantum League (QL) is a 1v1 and 2v2 shooter arena with a twist: TIME LOOP. Every ranked match has 3 rounds and each round has 3 loops. What you do in the first loop will automatically repeat itself in the next 2 loops. So if you get killed in the first loop, you can change the outcome on the second or third loop. In other words, at the end of every round, there will be 3 of you at the arena, one that you control and 2 repeating what you’ve done previously. Who wins 3 rounds first, wins the match. To be successful on QL you need to master 3 main skills: SHOOTING, STRATEGY THINKING, and BUNNY HOPPING.

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For what it is, Quantum League is a solid novelty that provides quick but demanding sessions that test conventional thoughts on multiplayer shooters. Nimble Giant's unique ideas make it worth the attention of anyone interested in seeing the boundaries of the multiplayer FPS pushed past its limits, but the difficulty curve and lack of content will likely cause many to bounce off an otherwise compelling new concept.

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Mechanically this is a wonderful first-person shooter that is fun to play with plenty of strategy and room to learn. Unfortunately, it adopts the popular smooth and colourful style, oversaturated by many other shooters already available. Lacking individuality to stand out, a significantly declining player base, and a potentially damaging business model; this game competes in the wrong league.

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