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The Wild at Heart

Moonlight Kids, Humble Games
May 19, 2021 - Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

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Steve C
8 / 10

Wild at Heart is so well put together with a remarkable level of polish and a real sense of its own identity. The skilful blending together of different mechanics borrowed from high profile titles enables the game to be intuitive but also maintain a distinctive feel, so while not the longest game, it is chock full of character and deserves to find its way into your heart. Plus, the Spritelings are just so effin' cute.

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The WIld at Heart is a beautiful game, with some smart puzzles and an engaging story. There are a few mechanics that frustrate, but on the whole this is a really good game.

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In the end, I appreciated that The Wild at Heart leans into being an actual game rather than simply a thinly disguised exploration of childhood trauma. Together with inviting art direction that suggests an animated storybook and a story that supports layers of meaning, The Wild at Heart was a pleasant discovery. The game’s combat and puzzles aren’t entirely consistent or satisfying, and moment to moment the experience can feel a little aimless, but fans of accessible puzzle and action games with heart and some emotional depth should check it out.

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Rarely is a game fun, beautiful and thought-provoking while being entertaining. The Wild at Heart does cover some heavy emotional threads while weaving them into a bright, bold and funny tapestry. New items and systems are introduced slowly and regularly, the puzzles are fun and there is always something to do. There are quests and objectives off the beaten path, secrets to find and weird characters to help. The Wild at Heart is a game I can recommend to just about anyone.

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The Wild at Heart borrows several of its mechanics from Nintendo IP, there's no question about that. This could have presented a bit of a problem had it not been for the exquisite visual style and presentation, not to mention Moonlight Kids' excellent execution of those mechanics. With a story that's equal parts amusing, intriguing, and emotional, alongside genuinely stunning 2D visuals, you'll be sucked into this world in no time. Minor frustrations with combat and loading times aside, this is an adventure you'll be glad you embarked on.

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The Wild at Heart is a stunning escapade that is brought to life with beautiful hand-drawn art, delightful uses for its Spritelings, the interesting characters from start to end, and a place worth revisiting constantly with the Deep Woods. If you are in search of an indie game that is full of charm, life, and an intriguing mystery to keep you occupied, The Wild at Heart is the perfect adventure for you.

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While these limitations have the potential for forcing nail-biting compromises, the irritating micromanagement clashes with other elements that otherwise suggest a breezier game experience, like the rudimentary combat and the way the environment practically overflows with currency and crafting material. So much of The Wild at Heart elegantly sidesteps the usual pitfalls of a resource grind that it’s disheartening whenever it devolves into busywork.

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A beautiful adventure awaits in the Deep Woods.

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