Itadaki Smash

May 20, 2021 - PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

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ITADAKI SMASH - Launch trailer

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Itadaki Smash - Gameplay Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Itadaki Smash

Itadaki Smash pays homage to classic arcade brawlers, such as Renegade or Double Dragon, but its short, there is no progression or learning curve, and shows some AI problems.

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Itadaki Smash is a modest beat 'em up that pays homage to arcade and is fun, despite its brevity and little variety. It does not bring new playable ideas of its own to the genre, but it does attract attention for the design of its enemies, as if they were Japanese food dishes.

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Itadaki Smash has some decent humour in places and can give you a few hours of slightly underwhelming fighting fun. But with so much better available out there, we would suggest looking elsewhere to get your belt scroller fix.

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Itadaki Smash isn't exactly the worst beat-'em-up on the Switch, but it gets close. The graphics are drab, with some bad-looking character models and mediocre animations. The humor is tiresome, and the lack of moves reveals the game's shallowness. The game is short, but the cumbersome saving combined with the overall instability makes it difficult to like. The Switch has a plethora of very good beat-'em-ups, both old and new, so there's no need to check out this offering.

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Itadaki Smash is too short and has too little content to buy at full price - enough for just 3 hours of fun. There are no things to go back to. You can give a chance, but after a decent reduction. Especially since there is a mode of couch cooperation.

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The core gameplay and design of Itadaki Smash make for a zippy beat 'em up, but the lack of extra servings may leave you wanting a bit more.

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It follows the regular conventions that we expect to see and does good when it comes to its character cast, with a reasonable assortment of moves, game modes that propose different rules and a good touch of humour. However those looking for a more in-depth experience might not find it in Itadaki Smash's simplistic development, and the way the hit box is implemented might leave more seasoned players to raise their eyebrows at what's on offer.

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Itadaki Smash is a funny game game that, besides the action, provides a lot of references of worship from past decades, from all cultural disciplines: cinema, series, video games, etc. On a technical level, I see a great evolution between Submersed (Main Loop first video game) and Itadaki Smash, something that I am very happy about, since it only denotes that Main Loop is going to offer us better quality products every time. For those who like the beat'em up genre, they will most likely find this title very entertaining and with flashes of nostalgia if they are old school, however, the most experts and fans of the genre may feel that the controls lack a push for the immersion in action of one of the classics.

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