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The Corruption Within

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 9, 2021

Developers: Cosmic Void, Dave Seaman

Publisher: Cosmic Void

Genre: Adventure

The mature and sensitive content message appears below, separately. Synopsis: You have just enjoyed a camping holiday with your family when your wife and two young children go missing. With no way to contact anyone you head towards the only source of civilization for miles around - a grand old mansion by a lake. You soon find yourself drawn into a bigger mystery while you desperately try to find your family. Artistic Style: The game employs a style that mixes realism with surrealism, which compliments the atmosphere of the story. The artwork is detailed low-res pixel art using a custom-made colour palette. Game Style: The Corruption Within is a psychological thriller first-person point & click adventure game set in the Victorian era. There will be plenty of puzzles to solve, secrets to discover, characters who may help or mislead you. Characters: You will meet members of the aristocracy and the serving class in the game, from the elderly and eccentric Lord and Lady of the manor whose lineage goes back centuries, to kitchen and scullery maids with extremely humble backgrounds, to a butler with delusions of grandeur, to a nurse whose brain has snapped due to events before you arrived… One thing they do have in common, however – they all have secrets! The game is being developed by Cosmic Void (Void Breach, Cyber Seraph), and Dave Seaman (Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots, The Rat Pack, The Ancient Art of Staying Alive). An original music score is being composed for the game by Eric Galluzzo, who has previously composed for both Captain Disaster games. The game features achievements that will require cunning, resourcefulness, and exploration to find. The Corruption Within had a successful Kickstarter campaign with 2 stretch goals (extended and narrated intro / outro plus two secret rooms in the mansion) attained.

The Corruption Within Critic Reviews

Core gameplay issues and frustrations hold The Corruption Within back from living up to the high standards set by its beautiful art, engaging sound, and thoughtful writing.

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The Corruption Within might have its flaws, but I’d still recommend it to anyone who likes classic point-and-click adventure games. It is short, only taking about two hours to beat while getting all the achievements, but it’s an engaging ride while it lasts.

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