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StarDrive 2

Iceberg Interactive, Zero Sum Games
Apr 9, 2015 - PC
Fair Man

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Critic Reviews for StarDrive 2

Both land and space combat lack punch, but there's a fun if predictable 4X game waiting underneath.

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6.9 / 10.0

StarDrive 2's ship building is top notch, but the flawed game surrounding it keeps it from ever truly shining.

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Nick Capozzoli
6 / 10

StarDrive 2 is a competent 4X entry, but lacks standout features and is hampered by its ground combat.

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Combat is only a small portion of the overall experience, but the other aspects of the game don't particularly shine. It's as if StarDrive 2 is content in its adequacy.

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Stardrive 2 is an extremely ambitious title which I'd strongly suggest for fans of compulsively intricate gameplay. There are several different tactical genres in one here, which while varying in quality, are all filled with customization options and functional design. The only real downside is all this diversity can easily become too much for players not willing to invest the time and energy required to master Stardrive 2's numerous mechanics over and over again. This is a very niche game, and it would take playing it to know if it's right for you.

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If the rest of the game had been crafted with the same care and attention given to warfare, StarDrive 2 would be an impressive 4X game. But its annoying tone, eccentric AI and the shallowness of the empire management casts a shadow over it. If we weren't in the middle of an unexpected flood of 4X games, then its take on space conflict alone would make it worth playing, but at the moment there are just too many alternatives.

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If you're looking for a fun, clever little strategy game, you could do a lot worse than pick this up.

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