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Zool Redimensioned

Sumo Digital Academy, Secret Mode
Aug 18, 2021 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Zool Redimensioned

The port is also quite nice, but it’s going to be an affront to purists. The modern upgrades change the feel of the game immensely, and while I’d argue it’s for the best, it’s also at the expense of the challenge. It’s a short, breezy experience. A comfortable slice of ‘90s platforming. It’s up to you if that’s what you need right now, but I certainly enjoyed it.

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Though a noble effort, the transition to HD has probably done more harm than good. Challenging gameplay has been replaced with a virtual walk in the park, devoid of damn near any difficulty. If you're looking to relive gaming's past, this one may be better found in the original.

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Leaping onto PC is Zool Redimensioned, a re-imagining of the classic Amiga platformer of the early 90’s. Join Zool as he uses his ninja skills to hunt down the evil Krool across the title’s seven imaginative worlds. But is the game any good? Read the review to find out!

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If there is any love for the original, pick this up immediately. A fine job has been done creating a really playable title for 2021, without losing any of the charm of the original. The camera change is a stroke of genius and makes life so much easier leading to a more enjoyable experience all round. The issue isn't with the remaster, but the source material. Zool Redimensioned is sadly a bit of a product of its time, and isn't going to draw any new fans with its difficulty and confusing design choices. Sadly, for most this Ninja isn't going to resonate with younger players looking for the next plumber killer. For the rest, though, you have a greater remaster than you could ever have hoped for, let alone what the star of the Amiga may deserve.

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Nostalgia is going to play a heavy part in whether you'll like Zool Redimensioned. If you grew up with the Amiga as your main platform, you might be tickled to see Zool make a comeback even if the changes make it much easier than before. For those who didn't care too much about it back then, the improvements make it a better, shorter experience. For newcomers, the game is fun as a retro snack and worth checking out.

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If you’ve never played Zool before, then Zool Redimensioned might not seem that special to you. After all, in the 30 years that have passed, a number of platform games have come and gone, many of them no doubt superior to Zool in numerous ways. But if you do have fond memories of playing the game on your Amiga, SNES or Mega Drive, then you’ll surely get a huge kick out of Zool Redimensioned. This is a true slice of nostalgia, delivered in a perfectly-tuned package. We bet you can’t play it without a smile on your face.

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I’d still love to know what conversations took place that led to “hey, we should remaster Zool”, but Zool Redimensioned does a pretty decent job of applying a fresh coat of paint, but in a way that remains very reverent to the source material. An excellent achievement from a group that only started programming 12 months ago. Unfortunately, the source material itself is the ultimate problem here – Zool was an average game back in 1992 and it’s little more than average here in 2021. A pleasant nostalgia trip, yes, but sadly it’s offers nothing to compete with the best modern platformers.

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I can appreciate what Sumo Digital Academy set out to do with Zool Redimensioned. It’s a solid remake of a platformer which, while not as well remembered as the titles from which it takes its inspiration, has its own place in the annals of video game history. The updated mechanics and quality of life features are great. Furthermore, with two modes to master, existing series fans will surely get their money’s worth. But as welcome as these additions are, they don’t do anything to remedy the issues that plagued the original release. With random stage designs and lackluster enemies and bosses, Zool just doesn’t do much to stand out from the crowded platformer pack. Still, if you already have a soft spot for the ninja from the Nth Dimension, don’t hesitate to add this one to your Steam library. If Zool didn’t do it for you before, however, Zool Redimensioned isn’t going to change your mind.

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