Rush Rally Origins

Brownmonster Limited
Aug 19, 2021 - Nintendo Switch
Fair Man

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Nintendo Life
7 / 10
Pure Nintendo
6.5 / 10
Gamers Heroes
75 / 100
Saving Content
3 / 5
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Rush Rally Origins Media

Rush Rally Origins App Preview | iOS | AppleTV | Android | Nintendo Switch | 2021 thumbnail

Rush Rally Origins App Preview | iOS | AppleTV | Android | Nintendo Switch | 2021

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Critic Reviews for Rush Rally Origins

All in all, Rush Rally Origins is a great little rally game if you keep your expectations of the graphics in check. From a gameplay perspective, it’s more than capable, and offers improvements over the original game in spades. Despite the easy vehicle handling, the game is nevertheless challenging with smart AI and strict time trial targets (which we’re told will be slightly altered in a patch, along with various other tweaks to visuals and performance), and is perfect if you’re after a fun, easygoing arcade driving experience.

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Pure Nintendo

Cody Emerson
6.5 / 10.0
Pure Nintendo

A little stale outside of racing mode, and the game is hardest at the beginning because the three cars given to you are bad. Still, Rush Rally Origins is a solid racing game with above-average graphics.

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For those who live and breathe arcade racers, making a perfect run in Rush Rally Origins is an absolute thrill. For those who don’t mind a fair amount of repetition and a steep price tag, this is your next addiction.

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Rush Rally Origins shows its roots in rally games of yesteryear while also bringing modernization to the table. I found that neither camera view made it easier to play for long periods, I still was compelled to come back regularly. I had an absolute blast while playing, and continue to do. There’s a ridiculous amount of content to be found here, that play sessions could be as little as a few minutes or whole hours at a time. I look forward to the developer bringing their traditional and mainline rally games to PC and consoles. Rush Rally Origins embraces its origins to be an accessible, dense, and just plain good rally racer.

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