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Super Animal Royale

Modus Games, Pixile
Jun 1, 2021 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

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78 / 100
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Super Animal Royale | Gameplay Launch Trailer thumbnail

Super Animal Royale | Gameplay Launch Trailer

Super Animal Royale Tonight | Season 2 Episode 3: No Such Thing as a Shore Thing thumbnail

Super Animal Royale Tonight | Season 2 Episode 3: No Such Thing as a Shore Thing

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Super Animal Royale | Console Announcement Musical Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Super Animal Royale

The best thing about Super Animal Royale, aside from its lighthearted art style, is that is reasonably satisfying to play without requiring the kind of time commitment that those other battle royale games assume you’re willing to make. Matches are fun, fast and the dopamine won’t even have time to leave your system before you’re in the next round again. It might not be the most complex or graphically impressive game in the genre, but Super Animal Royale accomplishes its goals of being accessible, adorable and addictive.

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Super Animal Royale is a wonderfully fun battle royale that is very welcoming of casual players. Combat is fast, and the mechanics are simple. You're never be left wondering what you did wrong. You just need to click on bad animals. Matches are short and you don't spend a ton of time looting, so the fear of death is much lower than in other battle royales. Super Animal Royale is the kind of game you should always have on your PC.

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The concept of Super Animal Royale is very now – it draws on all the familiarities of modern mainstream gaming. In a way, then, you could say it's cutting-edge. In another way, though, it's all just very familiar, to the point that it's strangely unremarkable. No individual aspect of it stands out, but it does form an endearing whole. It feels cool to play (when there's no grievous lag), the map is compelling and the battle royale formula is as much of a buzz as ever. The monetisation model is not in-your-face and the player base is certainly there. It's free, it's under a gigabyte, it's fast, and it's a good laugh. Why not download it?

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Overall, Super Animal Royale doesn’t really do anything groundbreaking, but it is still a fresh entry into the battle royale genre with its cute animal theme and the ability to quickly get into games without much waiting around. Cross play adds a lot of possible players to the pool and what’s here in the package works and it’s fun to play. The game does just enough to keep you coming back for more without being such a huge time commitment.

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As is the case with many battle royale titles, a player’s enjoyment of Super Animal Royale might ultimately boil down to how quickly they can get a handle on the game’s simple mechanics - and how many near-instant deaths they’re willing to put up with to get to that point. Still, Super Animal Royale contains enough charm and cute unlockables to give it that “one more game” factor, and there is enough bite-size fun to make it a decent time-waster for those so inclined.

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Overall it's a competent addition to the growing battle royale family, particularly for less experienced players.

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Overall, Super Animal Royale is a fun, fast paced game that anyone can truly enjoy. If you are tired of the current sweaty Battle Royales, Super Animal Royale is the breath of fresh air you need. I highly recommend this to veterans of the genre and newcomers alike.

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Super Animal Royale provides some crazy chaotic fun in a such a cute way that you can’t help yourself from having a big smile while playing it, even if you got brutally murdered the moment you set foot on the ground because who gets angry at a katana wielding cat?

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