Sbug Games
Sep 9, 2021 - PC
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Webbed - Launch Trailer

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Webbed - Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Webbed

Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears of humankind. With Webbed, that fear quickly spins into magnificent explorative freedom and quirky, physics-based platforming and puzzle-solving. Help your spider friend rescue her boyfriend from the talons of the animal most feared by Alfred Hitchcock aficionados: a bird.

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Webbed is a simple and cute platformer that provides players with a few hours of enjoyment web-swinging through bushland and befriending other bugs all in the name of love.

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Webbed is a sweet little gem that puts you in the shoes of an adorable mini Spider-Man. While it may be short, it's such a charming title that feels incredibly good to swing around and solve its puzzles. The arachnophobia mode is a nice touch too.

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At essentially every opportunity throughout my roughly four-hour playthrough of the game, Webbed chose joy, whilst never sacrificing sharp puzzle design nor the fundamentals of platforming and web-swinging that make it a pleasure to play.

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Webbed is a delightful adventure on Nintendo Switch. It’s an adventure that is bound to make you smile as much as entertain, Spider-Positivity if you will. Some may find areas of the gameplay frustrating in places but if you go in taking your time you will find a lot to love. Webbed is easily the best spider-based video game on Nintendo Switch. It’s refreshing to see an indie developer take a chance on something different. Webbed is a game with an immense amount of heart that plays great on Nintendo Switch whether you want to enjoy it on the TV or out and about on the go.

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