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Crisis Wing

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 5Sep 22, 2021
Xbox Series X/SSep 22, 2021
Xbox OneSep 22, 2021
PlayStation 4Sep 22, 2021
Nintendo SwitchSep 22, 2021
PCSep 18, 2020

Developers: EastAsiaSoft, Pieslice Productions

Publishers: EastAsiaSoft, Pieslice Productions

Genres: Action, Arcade

Push your shoot’em up skills to the limit in nostalgic pixel art style as you launch into Crisis Wing, lovingly crafted to recall the frantic action of arcade classics! Featuring 7 vertical scrolling stages, upgradeable weapons and cooperative multiplayer, Crisis Wing combines modern gameplay advancements with nostalgic presentation, enriched by a ricking FM soundtrack and CRT filters for a genuine old-school vibe. From enemy swarms to screen-filling boss battles, Crisis Wing offers a daunting challenge while remaining accessible to newcomers. Practice mode lets you replay stages with infinite lives. Score Attack and Boss Rush bonus games further extend the experience with unique levels and bosses. Are you ready for takeoff? Features: • Master 7 challenging stages in frantic vertical shooting action. • Overcome enormous bosses and mini-bosses! • Test your limits in extra game modes. • Play solo or with friends in local co-op. • Turn on CRT filters for an old-school feel. • Enjoy beautiful pixel art presentation set to a rocking FM soundtrack!

Crisis Wing Critic Reviews

There’s plenty to enjoy here, for sure; it’s an extremely well-made game that provides a very authentic Mega Drive-style shoot ’em up experience that will particularly delight Truxton fans. The only real question is whether you’re up to the stiff challenge that Crisis Wing offers — but then, you’re a big strong gamer, aren’t you? What are you afraid of? Nothing, that’s what. Get in there and get blasting.

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Despite its simplicity, I enjoyed my time with Crisis Wing as it brought me back to the 16-bit days when I'd rent a shmup from the video store and even if it wasn't particularly special, I still had fun trying to beat my own high scores.

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Visually, Crisis Wing will appeal to those that grew up in the ’90s. It very much looks like something from the SNES era, with bold sprites and colorful variety.

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Crisis Wing Trailer (PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Switch)

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