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Humble Games, Studio Pixel Punk
Sep 30, 2021 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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UNSIGHTED - Developer Commentary and Gameplay

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Critic Reviews for Unsighted

Unsighted boasts engaging gameplay and lore, strong dungeon design, all wrapped around an effective and impactful countdown mechanic

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Unsighted remixes familiar ideas with an engrossing spin on what it means to take on a time-sensitive mission to save the world.

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Unsighted is hard enough to be a challenge, but just fair enough to hook you in for one more go. Well worth checking out.

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David Flynn
95 / 100

Unsighted is this year's best Metroidvania/Zelda-like game by a long shot. It's creative, gripping, and accessible with a ton of stuff to do and see. There are a few small issues, like some awkward writing or too much menuing, but those are well worth it for such a fun, polished experience.

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But that’s the thing, if all games were judged on their story, many masterpieces wouldn’t be very good, especially in the Metroidvania genre. A good story is a bonus, and Unsighted’s gameplay is fundamentally near-perfect. But I can’t help being disappointed at what this could have been with good writing. If I could have really fallen in love with the characters, it would have been so emotional when they turned mad, or if I was to be forced to choose between them and someone else I may need to beat the game.

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Unsighted delivers engaging top-down action combat and a heartwarming narrative about connection, sacrifice, and love. The gameplay is fast and victory tastes sweet. Not everyone will enjoy the journey's burdens, and getting lost can frustrate you immensely, but the destination is worth the journey.

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Generación Xbox

7.5 / 10.0
Generación Xbox

‎Unsighted is, at the end of the day, a bearable experience that despite not standing out so much with its narrative or its world, knows how to compensate for this with its entertaining and varied ‎‎gameplay,‎‎thus achieving that the only thing that is heavy during the hours it takes them to reach the end of their games, is to decide how to properly use our time. There is still much to discover, since there are surprises that I preferred not to mention in this whole text, so that you can discover everything in your own step and you can feel the satisfaction that I myself experienced in each new discovery.‎

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That just scratches the surface - there’s also crafting, a chip slot equipment system, companions to help in battle, some simple item fishing a la Hades, unique weapons to divine, and many more secrets we haven’t even touched upon. For Brazilian developer Studio Pixel Punk, Unsighted is an accessible and content-rich debut with a compelling sci-fi drama at its core, and certainly in the argument for one of the best metroidvanias of the year.

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