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Rover Mechanic Simulator

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General Information

Available on:Xbox Series X/SSep 22, 2021
PCNov 12, 2020
Xbox OneSep 22, 2021

Developer: Pyramid Games

Publishers: Ultimate Games, PlayWay S.A.

Genre: Simulation

ABOUT THIS GAME WELCOME TO MARS! Rover Mechanic Simulator is a game in which you are a mechanic working on one of the first Martian colonies. Your main tasks include the repair and maintenance of Mars rovers, so that the remaining crew can collect detailed information about the structure of the planet. USE VARIOUS DEVICES! There are many devices at your disposal that will allow you to dismantle and maintain even the smallest parts of the rover. Use different tools such as a 3D printer, recycling machine, overhead crane, soldering iron and many more. FIX MIGHTY MARS ROVERS There are many devices on Mars which served people in the past but broke down at some point. You can fix and restore them to service. Thanks to you they can continue to perform their tasks by sending specialized information about the composition of the planet. "Spirit", "Opportunity" and others have served people for years and they can still do it! FIX DAMAGED PCBS Not all parts need to be replaced entirely. You can use special workbenches to repair damaged PCBs, clean and maintain parts that have worn out during rover's work. Thanks to this, you can save resources for much more difficult tasks. GAIN EXPERIENCE The game offers you several development paths that you can choose. Are you a tinkerer who enjoys disassembling devices into small parts? Become a technician! But if you prefer to precisely analyze the damaged parts and find malfunctions faster, then become an analyst. If you want to master the recovery of resources, follow the economist’s path. Gain experience, earn higher and higher ranks and undertake more and more difficult tasks. Become the best engineer on Mars!

Rover Mechanic Simulator Critic Reviews

‎Preventive maintenance and repairs are intrinsically sustainable activities. This actually applies not only to the industrial field, but also in many others in which the use of utensils and resources is urgent in the event of any failure, error or breakdown. And that, beyond planet Earth, ‎‎is magnified to unsopected limits.‎‎ Rover Mechanic Simulator claims the importance of not letting time pass and attend as soon as possible all those equipment and systems that express anomalies, in order to keep them functional to be maneuvered when they are required on the red planet.‎

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With over 12 hours of gameplay, and upgrades that streamline the repair process, Rover Mechanic Simulator turns out to be too much of a good thing. The game's job diversity only lasts for the first half, and there's not much challenge after that. Still, the accuracy of the machines, and the satisfaction of completing a complicated repair make Rover Mechanic Simulator an enjoyable game that can help players unwind, as long as they're okay with the limitations at play within its gameplay mechanics and design.

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Rover Mechanic Simulator does have a theme that interests me and I really like the idea of fixing things like Mars rovers. Unfortunately, there are just too many aspects that turn that simplistic Zen gameplay into a chore.

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