Warp Frontier

Sep 28, 2021 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Warp Frontier

To say that Warp Frontier is a letdown would be mostly glossing over how it succeeds as a point-and-click, but saying that it's an indie gem would be overlook some of the more critical issues that exist in-game. The world and story of Warp Frontier are well developed, yes. The voice acting and soundtrack are icing on the imaginary cake. But, this sci-fi cop drama of a point-and-click is best saved for a PC-playthrough, as the Switch's hardware and controller limitations make some of the game's annoying puzzles into frustrations. I would highly recommend you play this on PC, as your experience will be marred by the Switch.

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Narratively there's a lot of nuance to be found in the conversations between Vincent and his robo-pal MAC, his family, and other humanoids, which in turn leads to several branching paths and even different overall conclusions.

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Although I can't entirely fault the story in Warp Frontier or the voice acting performances, it was hard to engage in the narrative at all due to the frustrating puzzles and low-quality feel that the game presents. The almost randomness of solving puzzles to advance really did make for a negative experience overall that I can't see many wanting to return to.

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4 / 10

The story in this sci-fi crime drama is nice and all, but a combination of below average voice-acting,awkward-looking characters, and bad pacing ruins it all. What makes the pacing so bad? Boring puzzle after boring puzzle, with very few of them having any connection to the plot, and even less being fun to solve.

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