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Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition

Snapshot Games, Saber Minsk
Oct 1, 2021 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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Metro GameCentral
7 / 10
God is a Geek
8 / 10
60 / 100
7 / 10
PlayStation Universe
7.5 / 10
Generación Xbox
9.2 / 10
Screen Rant
3 / 5
PSX Brasil
65 / 100
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Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition Trailers

Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition Launch Trailer - Now Available for PlayStation and Xbox thumbnail

Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition Launch Trailer - Now Available for PlayStation and Xbox

Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition Announce | PS4 and Xbox One Release Date thumbnail

Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition Announce | PS4 and Xbox One Release Date

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Critic Reviews for Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition

Metro GameCentral

7 / 10
Metro GameCentral

On paper it does everything XCOM does and more, but poor balancing and overcomplicated rules means it's just not as much fun.

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An SRPG big hitter just got bigger, but did it get better? If you are up to the challenge, this is the best the genre has to offer on PS4.

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Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition offers the same wealth of content available on the PC, and the controller support is good enough for those willing to overlook some fiddly inventory and menu management. However, the technical performance is far beneath what it should be, so your best bet is to wait for the promised patches to arrive, or simply enjoy a smoother ride on PC if you can.

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The changes that have been to the formula that was created for XCOM are welcome ones, and hopefully this isn’t just a one-off adventure into this universe.

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Phoenix Point manages to blend the very numbers-based approach of classic X-Com with some of modern XCOM's streamlining. The result is a colossal, cavernous tactical strategy game that struggles to hold its shape at times. Its wealth of information and systems requires patience, but if you can persevere, it's very much worth the time.

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Generación Xbox

9.2 / 10.0
Generación Xbox

‎I had been waiting for a long time for the launch of Phoenix Point on Xbox, and as I said at the beginning of this analysis, the wait has been worth it. ‎‎Phoenix Point is everything we could expect from a new installment of the mythical X-COM saga, the‎‎ only thing that instead of being called X-COM 3, is called Phoenix Point.‎

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Between combat with free-aim and comprehensive exploration through the Geoscape, Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition has a lot of content to offer. Like other strategy games, such as Empire of Sin, players can win multiple ways, and there are plenty of chances to lose. Unfortunately, the console edition has a lot of issues with loading and crashing, but as long as players have the patience, the game is still enjoyable. Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition comes with the base game and four DLC expansions for players to tactfully explore.

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Phoenix Point is a good game, but marked by a series of issues that truly limit its quality. The technical issues make it so even the most hardcore fan has a hard time enjoying the many good ideas it has.

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