Skeletal Avenger

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General Information

Available on:Xbox Series X/SSep 29, 2021
PlayStation 5Sep 29, 2021
PCSep 29, 2021
PlayStation 4Sep 29, 2021
Xbox OneSep 29, 2021

Developer: 10tons

Publisher: 10tons

Genres: Action, RPG

A skill-based roguelite hack'n'slash rushing head first into battle! But bashing madly won't be enough - you need to master your weapons and study your enemies. Crawl through dungeons and gain power with gear, perks and upgrades. Finally avenge your own murder from beyond the veil of death!

Skeletal Avenger Critic Reviews

Whether you want to call it a rogue-like or an RPG, Skeletal Avenger is held up by top-tier combat that is challenging but never feels unfair. Unfortunately, runs in the core game don't last long enough for builds to really 'take off', and bland bosses and environments hold the game back from reaching the highs of similar games in the genre.

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