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Lone McLonegan : A Western Adventure

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchNov 4, 2021
PCNov 3, 2021

Developer: Sonomio Games

Publisher: Flynns Arcade

Genres: Adventure, Action, Puzzle

Lone McLonegan used to be "The Most Wanted Outlaw In The Wild West" but now he's a little rusty and out of shape. Bragg Badass, his arch nemesis, is now number one on the most wanted list and the new idol of the West. When Lone learns of Badass' latest exploit, he finishes his mojito, jumps off his couch and decides to reclaim his spot back by robbing the Bank of Oldewell, which holds the most secure safe in the county. That will no doubt put the highest price on his head again and he will once again outdo Badass at last! Halfway through the journey the stagecoach in which Lone is traveling is attacked by Badass' hitmen and Lone must walk to Oldewell to make history again. -Meet a host of quirky characters -Solve intricate and fun puzzles -Rob the safest safe in the county -Escape from jail -Mix dangerous ingredients -Blow things up -Tell lies -Make jokes -Squeeze cactus -Oh, and... Beat Badass! An old school adventure Lone McLonegan is a point-n-click adventure game. Look, pick up and use objects, talk and interact with characters, kick things, carry countless strange inventory items and use them in the most comical way. Lone, a tough guy Lone is the classic tough guy... but only on the outside. On the inside he's soft and cowardly. He avoids fights whenever he can and usually gets out of the most convoluted situations by using his wits, and of course your help. In Lone McLonegan you don't just solve puzzles, Lone will also talk to you, discuss your decisions, and win you over with his personality. A game made with love All the characters are hand-drawn and the scenes maintain that special charm of the old western movies. We have included a ton of pop culture references that will make you laugh out loud and funny anachronisms that make Lone McLonegan a unique game with a tremendous personality that will not leave you indifferent. Help Lone become "The Most Wanted Outlaw In The Wild West"!

Lone McLonegan : A Western Adventure Critic Reviews

Lone McLonegan: A Western Adventure, is a classic point and click adventure game that keeps gameplay firmly in the past for better and for worse. Fans of the old days of this genre should absolutely check out this title but if you need some assistance with the game’s tougher puzzles you’ll have to seek that elsewhere online. But at a very attractive price point, you will get a quirky puzzle adventure that packs as many laughs as it does challenges.

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Unknown Author
70 / 100
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Lone McLonegan is a fun and incredibly entertaining point-and-click adventure. It may not be the longest nor does it have a lot of replay value, but the characters are wonderful and the story is really well told despite its absurdity. Some of the puzzles could have been better designed, but overall, the experience is a worthwhile one.

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