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Next Space Rebels

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 17, 2021

Developer: Studio Floris Kaayk

Publisher: Humble Games

Genre: Simulation

Order some parts online, get your camera, and grow your StarTube channel through rocket tinkering and often wacky challenges! With great fame comes great responsibility, and a sudden wrench in your path to greatness will take you on a journey towards space. The mysterious Next Space Rebels know that those who control the satellites now control the future of the internet. Will you join them in their race to internet freedom? Next Space Rebels enables the joy of creation, lessons of failure, and progress of experimentation, generally reserved for complex sim games, through its accessible “notepad-style” creation tools and intertwined narrative.

Next Space Rebels Critic Reviews

While Next Space Rebels’ story tends to run a bit long and the middle part feels like a grind, it’s still a great loop with FMV actors playing out the weird times we find ourselves in. It made me consider just what it was actually like to grind out an existence as an influencer at the mercy of a platform’s whims when you start with a small idea of building a soda bottle rocket in a field. Hopefully, people do stand up against the predictable dystopia we find ourselves hurtling towards. And if they do it with rockets, maybe we’re all the better for it.

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Next Space Rebels YouTube-simulator about making rocket videos that feels real but lacks gameplay variety and convenience.

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Next Star Rebels is an ugly but necessary forced marriage between two warring factions in order to preserve the whole. If you only had a rocket building game without the context as to the how or why items are introduced, you’d get a visually impressive but somewhat pointless game. Kerbal Space Program is more for the hardcore creators, and Next Space Rebels is for those of us with no great bearing on physics or angles, but are willing to learn through trial and error.

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Next Space Rebels - Official Launch Trailer | Humble Games

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