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White Shadows

Headup Games, Monokel, Thunderful Publishing, Mixtvision
Dec 7, 2021 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC

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Critic Reviews for White Shadows

White Shadows might have a short run time and be fairly by the numbers as a platformer, but it packs a lot in for you to experience. If you enjoy your dystopian fiction then you will find a game that sets up a world which raises questions, though the the Animal Farm influence is clear to see. White Shadows hits on a lot of dark themes, but does so in such a way that is not overwhelming.

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There's no doubt that White Shadows has something to offer in raw artistic spectacle, but there's far too many issues with the game to be celebrated. It comes across as a game that has its priorities completely upside down. While it's commendably brave that a brand new studio would explore delicate themes on their debut game, this preoccupation has apparently left no mind toward the fundamentals of what makes a gaming experience rewarding. Furthermore, these themes have not been handled in a very sophisticated manner. Social commentary aside, unoriginal level design, a forgettable narrative and poor frame performance sadly render White Shadows as one you can miss.

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13 / 20

White Shadows is a game that is swallowed with one stroke. Short, the game tries to send us a good number of messages on strong, current topics and which obviously speak to us a lot. However, by wanting to bet everything on this aspect, the game forgets everything else and we tend to lose the thread. Fortunately, the title is only done in about two hours, and sports a singular aesthetic as well as an effective artistic direction.

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White Shadows is a unique title that is a strong argument for the notion of games being art. Not only does it find its individuality with its creative design, but it also has a clear message about societal issues. While some may find sections quite distressing, Monokel’s commitment to tackling sensitive topics is commendable. With this daring release being their debut title, I’m excited to see what the future holds for this talented team. Despite its short runtime, fans of narrative-focused puzzle platformers will adore this insatiable title.

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White Shadows tackles heavy themes with some wonderful storytelling. The gameplay itself is competent, and there is enough variety level to level to make the experience fresh throughout. Through stark visuals and a well placed soundtrack it presents its tale artfully, but unfortunately runs its course in only a few hours. It's hard to squeeze a great deal of game from the experience, but what is there is splendid.

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White Shadows does nothing to hide his sources of inspiration: Limbo and Inside. A dark and obscure location is the right place to set a dystopian, anthropomorphic future story which can be read as a hermetic social metaphor. Though fascinating, White Shadows does too little to explain to the players where they are or what exactly it is that they're doing, and its very simple mechanics don't help. At the same time though, you often feel like you just can't leave, like when watching a Lynch movie.

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Familiar but still containing enough of its own identity to stand out among similar titles, White Shadows is a compelling, albeit brief experience. It could have done more with its gameplay and commentary, but the game is mostly a success.

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The best way to describe White Shadows is that it feels like playing through the winner of the Best Animated Short Film at the Academy Awards. The visuals are incredible and the world is bristling with life and imagination. It's a shame that there's so little gameplay on offer, and what is there is hamstrung by poor controls and glitches. White Shadows might have been better suited as a short film, but as it stands it's a middling video game that drags down an exceptional presentation.

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