The Walking Zombie 2

Alda Games
Oct 11, 2019 - Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC
Generación Xbox
7 / 10
5.5 / 10
Thumb Culture
3 / 5
Nindie Spotlight
6.2 / 10
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The Walking Zombie 2 Trailers

The Walking Zombie 2 - Zombie shooter (Trailer v2) thumbnail

The Walking Zombie 2 - Zombie shooter (Trailer v2)

Walking Zombie 2 - Zombie shooter (Trailer v1) thumbnail

Walking Zombie 2 - Zombie shooter (Trailer v1)

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Critic Reviews for The Walking Zombie 2

‎For many it is known that zombie video games have managed to maintain their appeal for many years in a row, although it can also be said that after a small loss of popularity during the last decade they have managed to resurface from the dead with more force than ever, with a multitude of proposals on all the platforms that exist. However, not all have the same quality and are not essential, and The Walking Zombie 2, although it is ‎‎a more than correct proposal‎‎ that bets on frantic action in the first person, does not manage to find its place within this zombified society.‎

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The Walking Zombie 2 almost comes close to being a really fun game. The biggest mistake was to taking itself too seriously. The game is unintentionally funny and often seems like it is a game for children. While there is still some fun to be had with this game, the absolutely horrendous UI design combined with all of the microtransactions make any interaction with the character menu a dreaded chore.

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Thumb Culture

Unknown Author
Thumb Culture

While this wouldn’t be my type of game, I can see how it can become very addictive. The art is great, there’s a story to keep you engaged and the First Person Shooting is brilliantly executed. It sounds, looks and feels great to play. It’s good fun.

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While not making for a bad experience, paying for a game still dripping with in-game purchase nonsense isn’t cool

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