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Expeditions: Rome

Logic Artists, THQ Nordic
Jan 20, 2022 - PC

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73 / 100
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8.2 / 10
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90 / 100
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8.5 / 10
6 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Expeditions: Rome

An uneven epic whose historical richness guides it through some awkward pacing.

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Expeditions: Rome deserves a Roman triumph as one of the most impressive tactical RPGs of the last several years, despite occasionally bending under the weight of too many systems.

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Expeditions: Rome is the best title in the series yet, with an intriguing storyline that can be partially influnced by players choices and a deeply satistying combat system in which players can test their tactical prowess.

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Expeditions: Rome feels more like a mod with Roman themes than a fully fleshed-out game. From the customization to the design, there are many details that feel unfinished or lack the depth expected of games in the strategy genre. Still, there is fun to be had if players are willing to focus exclusively on the tactics and strategy. Those looking for more of the same coming off Expeditions: Viking will be satisfied enough, even if this new title doesn't feature any major innovations.

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Expeditions: Rome is a surprisingly detailed tactical RPG that takes you through three huge theatres of the Roman republic on a personal quest for revenge or triumph. This story is what you make of it, packed full of meaningful decisions that influence many aspects of the game. Adding to this story is a robust character development system that feeds into the excellent combat, with multiple side-missions to develop both characters equipment and stories, as well as your war camp. The game feels like it could become dull, but never reached that point and is one well worth it for any RPG fan.

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Streamlined is a good word to describe Expeditions: Rome. Instead of jamming it full of every feature under the sun, it’s lean and mean. Maybe you are making fewer choices than you would in the latest Pathfinder game, but every one of those choices is meaningful. That philosophy permeates every level of the game, from the combat systems, to the art design, to the music, and the writing. A lot of thought went into every part of this game. RPG fans should honor that by giving just as much thought back to this game.

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Don't be fooled by its raw presentation, and don't let yourself be discouraged by a poorly made dubbing: Expeditions Rome is a video game that treats us with a first-rate role-playing experience. In a nutshell, if you love tactical RPGs you can't miss Logic Artists' latest creation.

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I would appreciate Expeditions: Rome much more if only there were fewer boring tasks and everything was happening faster. Conquering Europe really shouldn't take that long, and battles should have more meaning, albeit less frequent. Quantity does not mean quality.

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