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Jul 22, 2014 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Halfway

A relatively tough but mechanically lean sci-fi strategy game.

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Halfway is an emotional tale of mystery and survival that occasionally lacks the courage of its own convictions.

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Perhaps that is why its shortcomings are so glaring. What is good here is really good, but what is bad detracts enough that the entire package is a bit of a disappointment. A great piece of science fiction may ask a lot of hard questions and make the audience think. Halfway is not a great piece of science fiction, but it is a good strategy game for those willing to put some effort into it.

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[Halfway's] developer is an enormous fan of a few things: well-crafted pixel art, 1980s science fiction movies, and XCOM.

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All things considered, at fourteen or so hours to complete the campaign, I quite enjoyed my time with Halfway. It's not a ground-breaking title, and those last few levels almost had me rage-quitting, but the traits allow for some fun strategies and if you're wanting an enjoyable sci-fi story with your TBS/RPG elements, then Halfway is more than worth the miniscule price being asked for it. I look forward to the sequel (please).

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Halfway is eyeccandy for the fans of science fiction, and can deliver a great story. Sadly, the gameplay is just not there.

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And that's Halfway's fatal flaw: undermining its own potential for tactical reasoning, whether that's via abrupt enemy spawns, unknowable hit-percentages or those frequent instances when the cursor tool-tip stubbornly claims an enemy is out of sight in defiance of what appears to be the case on screen.

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